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Getting started

Preparing your environment

$ python
$ bin/buildout

This will download all necessary dependencies (twython, pyzmq) and compile them.


The bbhack.base.BaseListener class can be used to subscribe to messages from a ZeroMQ socket and a channel. The bbhack.base.BasePublisher can be used for publishing messages to a ZeroMQ socket and channel.

The bbhack.streamer.TweetStreamer is an example for the BasePublisher. It simply connects to the twitter streaming api tracking for keywords and publishes the tweets on the given ZeroMQ socket and the channel.

An example for the BaseListener is given in bbhack.example.HashTagLogger. This listener will connect to a socket and subscibe to a given channel and then simply log all hashtags that are found in tweets.

Both modules contain a main() method that is used for the entry_point declaration in the