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#Tears# Tears is a C++ wrapper library of libsodium using Qt datatypes.

There is no stable release of Tears as of yet since development has just started and also because libsodium has not had a release since 0.4.5 and we use some of the functionality that has been developed since then.

##Build:## Build Status

git clone <url> tears
mkdir build
cd build
qmake ../tears && make && make check

Currently it builds as a static library by default.

##License:## The Tears source is distributed under the ISC License like libsodium. However it depends on Qt5 which is available under [various licenses][QTLicense] which would be required for Tears to work.

[QTLicense]: ##Todo:##

  • Wrap more of libsodium
  • Extend QByteArray and QString so they wipe reallocated / freed memory
  • Make build system more package friendly (inc. shared library support for unittests)
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