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Convert the dtrace(1) man page to mdoc and fix up some aspects of it …


don't make sense on FreeBSD. In particular,

- remove the ATTRIBUTES section,
- remove references to the Solaris Dynamic Tracing Guide, except in the
  SEE ALSO section,
- update the description of the -A option for FreeBSD's implementation,
- remove references to Solaris-specific programs and configuration files,
  and replace them with FreeBSD equivalents where possible.

The content has not changed aside from this.

Approved by:	re (joel)
MFC after:	1 week
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1 parent 26296c9 commit 0b5457bf66110d2d5d29bfcb5fa7e93ea93af32f @markjdb markjdb committed Oct 10, 2013
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