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Remove unimplemented options from iscsi.conf(5) manual page, mention

that it's being used by both initiators, and change the title to make
it more easily searchable.

Approved by:	re (glebius)
Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
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1 parent 1446c53 commit 64cccdad5e235a4294ffac6ee97453182831a9a4 @trasz trasz committed Oct 10, 2013
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  1. +6 −31 sbin/iscontrol/iscsi.conf.5
37 sbin/iscontrol/iscsi.conf.5
@@ -24,18 +24,20 @@
.\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd June 5, 2007
+.Dd October 10, 2013
.Nm iscsi.conf
-.Nd key options to be negotiated in an iSCSI session
+.Nd iSCSI initiator configuration file
The file
.Nm ,
-is read by the
+is used by the
+.Xr iscsictl 8
.Xr iscontrol 8
It contains declarations and parameter/key-options.
The syntax is very simple,
.D1 Li variable = value;
@@ -69,9 +71,6 @@ Default is none.
.It Cm DataDigest
same as for HeaderDigest, but on the data part of the iSCSI PDU.
(not yet tested)
-.It Cm MaxConnections
-is the number of simultaneous connections per session,
-currently only 1.
.It Cm TargetName
is the name by which the target is known, not to be confused with
target address, either obtained via the target administrator, or
@@ -81,8 +80,6 @@ from a
if not specified, defaults to
.Aq hostname .
-.It Cm TargetAlias / InitiatorAlias
-not implemented.
.It Cm TargetAddress
is of the form
.Sy domainname[:port][,portal-group-tag]
@@ -93,35 +90,16 @@ dotted-decimal IPv4 address, or a bracketed IPv6 address as specified
in [RFC2732].
Note: portal-group-tag is unused at the moment.
-.It Cm TargetPortalGroupTag
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm InitialR2T
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm ImmediateData
.Em not implemented yet.
.It Cm MaxRecvDataSegmentLength
the maximum data segment length in
bytes it can receive in an iSCSI PDU, default is 8192.
-.It Cm MaxBurstLength
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm FirstBurstLength
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm DefaultTime2Wait
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm DefaultTime2Retain
-.Em not implemented yet.
.It Cm MaxOutstandingR2T
is used to calculate/negotiate the
.Em tag opening ,
can be overridden by the
.Sy tag
-.It Cm DataPDUInOrder
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm DataSequenceInOrder
-.Em not implemented yet.
-.It Cm ErrorRecoveryLevel
-Only level 0 is supported.
.It Cm SessionType
either Discovery or Normal, default is Normal, see the
.Fl d
@@ -196,9 +174,6 @@ chaptest {
tags = 256
-The parsing is very primitive, so do not expect - at the moment - any
-error messages.
.Xr iscsi_initiator 4 ,
.Xr iscsictl 8 ,

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