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1 parent 6ae9d57 commit 696eae7a90c8515e50b2fdd792310b0b5776b986 edavis committed Oct 11, 2013
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@@ -145,6 +145,7 @@ dumbbell [label="Jean-Sebastien Pedron\\n2004/11/29"]
dwmalone [label="David Malone\\n2000/07/11"]
eadler [label="Eitan Adler\\n2012/01/18"]
ed [label="Ed Schouten\\n2008/05/22"]
+edavis [label="Eric Davis\\n2013/10/09"]
edwin [label="Edwin Groothuis\\n2007/06/25"]
eivind [label="Eivind Eklund\\n1997/02/02"]
emaste [label="Ed Maste\\n2005/10/04"]

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