Official repo for PC-BSD's sysadm Qt based UI front-ends
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SysAdm Qt Client

Official repo for TrueOS' sysadm WebSocket Client

This multi-platform client is designed to work with TrueOS' sysadm server
for administration of Free/TrueOS systems

Required Qt Modules

Qt5 Core (pkg install qt5-core)
Qt5 Gui (pkg install qt5-gui)
Qt5 Concurrent (pkg install qt5-concurrent)
Qt5 Websockets (pkg install qt5-websockets)

Building SysAdm Qt Client

% git clone
% cd sysadm/src-qt5
% /usr/local/lib/qt5/bin/qmake -recursive
% make && sudo make install

Starting SysAdm Client

(For GUI interface)
% gui_client/sysadm-client

(For CLI interface)
% cli_client/sysadm-client

Websockets API Documentation