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Creating tiny zines using HTML/CSS layout
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This repository includes a setup for generating pure HTML and CSS zines. I wrote the scripts by hand, to practice some freehand Node, so it's not using any libraries outside of the standard Node library.

The setup is in the build directory. Usage: ./bin/index.js <filepath> <command>


  • setup - creates initial directory and files for a zine
  • build - builds the zine from files in the zine directory
  • watch - watches for file changes in partials and styles directories


  • Use an existing Haskell note to write a zine in HTML + CSS
  • Repeat the process for another note, to get the commonalities
  • Create partials for common elements
  • Create an initial setup for generating zines
  • Publish a few pages for review (in progress)

to-dos (~ are nice-haves):

  • output: single HTML file, ready for printing
  • layout using CSS
    • ~CSS grid?
    • add CSS styles for printing
  • text marked for translation
  • including images
  • adding accessibility support:
    • changing fonts (from cute handwritten one to a readable one)
    • ~increasing text easily
    • ~dark mode
  • use handwritten font
  • ~create a monospace version of the font
  • minimize CSS (mostly)
  • add CSS variables
  • use CSS partials
  • add variables to HTML partials
  • improve regexp for putting CSS in the <style> tag
  • make it easier to apply global styles to all existing zines
  • add a build-all command for zines in a directory


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