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Tool for generating pure HTML + CSS resume
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HTML + CSS resume

Pure HTML and CSS resume using Gulp and Nunjucks.

I created this simple setup to have more fine-grained control over my resume than a text editor would allow. Also, it's fun to set up tools!

How to install

  1. Clone repo
  2. Run npm install in the cloned directory

How to use

  1. Add your data in src/data/sample_data.json. Rename it to src/data/data.json.
  2. Adjust CSS, e.g. $brand_color in src/sass/main.scss to your preffered settings.
  3. Run with gulp, refresh on changes.
  4. Use browser printing to save as .pdf - works best in webkit browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari).


  1. Generated HTML

I used this tool to generate my resume - I expanded the CSS and cleared some minor whitespace annoyances, but other than that it's what you can expect from this setup.

  1. Printed .pdf

You can print the file and save it as .pdf - I use Chrome, because it doesn't add additional margins.

image of generated .pdf

What's up with...

  1. ...all the additional whitespace in nunjucks files?

I wanted to make sure the generated HTML is easily readable, which often requires the nunjucks partials to have some unusual whitespace choices.

  1. ...the compact CSS?

I used a standard Sass option for the compact CSS output. You can change it in the gulpfile to any of the: nested, expanded or compressed (more info on the output of different options).


MIT, as published by Open Source Initiative.

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