Working example of a real-time conference activity with locations and user responses
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Real-time app for instant conference meets with locations and user responses. It demonstrates the principle of using a modern, instantly updating framework for helping to organize meetings and conferences.

It was based on Meteor's "parties" example.

This can be the basis of a new open-source project.

Future possible enhancements:

  • Administration view - edit its database, etc.
  • Replace double-click behavior for touch devices
  • LinkedIn / Google Plus logins and avatars
  • Rich text in the meets’ descriptions
  • Improved responsiveness in all browser sizes and orientations
  • Text labels / logos for the meet icons
  • Enhanced CRUD database functions for meets
  • Calendar / time integration
  • Changeable background maps
  • Display warning if not JavaScript not on
  • Add more mobile features like geolocation, wayfinding, and notifications