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Polar vortex got you stuck inside? ❄️ We've got you covered with some tasty new Drizzle features to keep you huddled up to that toasty computer! Beyond new features, we've also spent time improving overall code quality with linting and automated tests.

Help us help you! 🤜🤛 It's the front-end's time to shine in the blockchain space and to that end, we'd appreciate getting your feedback both on Drizzle itself and the general state of dapp front-end dev through this brief survey.

New Features

React Native & Server-side Rendering Support!

We're happy to announce that Drizzle now supports server-side rendering and React Native. Your dapps can now render more quickly and in more places than ever before!
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Bring Your Own Provider

You can now provide your own full web3 provider object via the web3.customProvider option.
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The Current Block is in the Store

New blocks are what make Drizzle tick and now we've made it easier to access the current block. The currentBlock key in the store will contain the latest block as and object result from web3.getBlock(), facilitated by the PROCESSING_BLOCK action.
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Track Cancelled/Failed Transactions More Easily

Transactions are now assigned a temporary ID when pushed onto the transactionStack. Once broadcasted, the temporary ID is overwritten with the transaction hash. If there's an error that results in no transaction being broadcasted (e.g. rejecting a transaction), you can now use the temp value as the key in transactions object to look up the error.
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Remove Contracts Dynamically

Now with the Drizzle.deleteContract() function, Drizzle will remove a contract's state from the store and stop synchronizing the contract's state on new blocks.
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New Features

Bug Fixes/Improvements


Every member of the front-end team has touched this release and deserves a special thank you: Adrian Li (@adrianmcli), Heyse Li (@honestbonsai) and Amal Sudama (@cds-amal). We look forward to producing releases more frequently and with greater confidence. Happy coding! 😊

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