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Javascript library for publishing and consuming Ethereum packages.
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Ethereum Package Manager / Javascript

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This package provides utilities for publishing and consuming Ethereum packages based on the Ethereum Package Manager specification. It is meant to be integrated directly into development tools to support their use of the Ethereum Package Management ecosystem.


// Require and configure EthPM relative to a package location on disk.
// `host` and `registry` must conform to Javascript Host and Registry interface.
// A "host" is a service that holds the files, like IPFS. A "registry" is a
// service that records package versions that have been published and their
// associated lockfile on the host.
var EthPM = require("ethpm");
var config = EthPM.configure(package_directory, host, registry);

// Install a single package into the current package, denoted by name and version.
// Returns a promise.
EthPM.installDependency(config, package_name, version_range);

// Install all dependencies of the current package.
// Returns a promise.

// Publish the current package.
// Returns a promise.
// `contract_metadata` is information about published contracts you'd like include
// in this package. See lockfile spec for more information.
EthPM.publishPackage(config, contract_metadata);

Running Tests

$ npm test


Initial author: Tim Coulter (@tcoulter)

This is a joint effort by Truffle, Populus, Dapple and Eris.

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