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@gnidan gnidan released this May 30, 2019 · 409 commits to develop since this release

Hello everyone! 👋

Here's v5.0.20, bringing you some fixes and a notable dependency removal.

With all the recent internal improvements and code style updates, we've surfaced a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who reported these and helped us to get to the bottom of each!

Check the full changelog for the full list, but a couple things to note about the fixes:

  • Truffle's saving of JSON artifacts was broken, but now it is not! This release includes a fix for #2048; the only work-around was deleting build/contracts/ 😵
  • truffle test no longer fails for projects that don't use the migrations system (no more migrations/ directory needed)

Now, the dependency update: Truffle no longer depends on the solc NPM package. This package dependency has required dedicated effort to maintain over the years, and recently has been causing problems for users on different platforms. Since Truffle has its own system for fetching/using whatever version of solc you want (see config docs), it's safe to remove this dependency and use the "obtain solc" behavior by default.

This includes updating the default version of Solidity to v0.5.8, but apart from that, there should be no material user impact. If you're curious about the reasoning or the specifics of what this change entails, please check out issue #2034! ⚙️

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this release.

How to Upgrade

We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Truffle by running:

npm uninstall -g truffle
npm install -g truffle

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Internal Improvements

Dependency Updates

  • Remove solc dependency (#2042 by @CruzMolina)
  • Update default auto-fetch solc version to v0.5.8 (included in #2042)
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