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Truffle Suite Website -

Our website is built with Metalsmith, using Handlebars templates and a combination of HTML and markdown for page content.

Check out the contribution guide to get a lay of the land.


We welcome all contributions, typo corrections, and general feedback. See our full contribution guide for details on site architecture and how you could help.

Please base your changes and target your PR against the develop branch, not master

If you find an issue while browsing, most pages have a GitHub link to the directory containing their source files. Look out for the "See a way to make this page better?" links.


Install yarn if you haven't already:

npm install -g yarn

Getting Started

Download zip file or git clone repo:

git clone

Navigate into the directory in terminal:


Run dev build

In terminal run:

yarn dev

Navigate to localhost:9000/port specified in your terminal

To view Browsersync settings navigate to localhost:3001

Compile to a production build

In terminal run:

yarn build

Navigate to ./build folder for the compiled files.

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