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An implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Swift, using Bow and SwiftUI
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Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life is an evolutionary game that requires no user input other than the initial state of the board. The game consists of a grid of cells that can either be alive or dead and follow a few rules to determine their next generation. These rules are:

  • An alive cell with fewer than two neighbors will be dead in the next generation.
  • An alive cell with two or three alive neighbors will remain alive in the next generation.
  • An alive cell with more than three neighbors will be dead in the next generation.
  • A dead cell with exactly three alive neighbors will come back to life in the next generation.

This repository contains a solution that:

  • Uses Bow, a library for FP written in Swift, and solves the challenge using Comonads.
  • Uses SwiftUI to provide a graphical visualization of the game.
  • Uses SwiftCheck, a library for Property-based Testing written in Swift, to test the solution.

Here you have a screenshot of the final result:

Conway's Game of Life visualization using SwiftUI

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