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This project is a little toy  in genetic programming. Basically we built a system that uses genetic programming to synthesize code into a tiny virtual machine. 

To play you need of:
-> gcc


In the src directory, execute the command:
    $ make


Run without changes, the gp program try synthesize a program that does the multiplication of two integers. Note that the virtual machine has no instruction of multiplication. Use this command for see the program in action:
  $./gp -n 20 -t 50000000 -i 10 -H 30

Instructions of Virtual Machine

MOVE   x y   - put the value of y in x
MOVI   x num - put the value num in x
ADD    x y   - adds the value of y at x
SUBI   x num - decreases the value num at x
JUMPZ  x pc  - if x value is zero, jump to instruction in position pc
JUMP   pc    - jump to instruction in position  pc
RET          - stop the program

Trumae <trumae@gmail.com>