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`default_nettype none
`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module async_mem2(
input wire clkA,
input wire clkB,
input wire [asz-1:0] addrA,
input wire [asz-1:0] addrB,
input wire wr_csA,
input wire wr_csB,
input wire [7:0] wr_dataA,
input wire [7:0] wr_dataB,
output wire [7:0] rd_dataA,
output wire [7:0] rd_dataB
parameter asz = 15;
parameter depth = 32768;
reg [7:0] mem [0:depth-1];
always @(posedge clkA) begin
if (wr_csA)
mem[addrA] <= wr_dataA;
always @(posedge clkB) begin
if (wr_csB)
mem[addrB] <= wr_dataB;
assign rd_dataA = mem[addrA];
assign rd_dataB = mem[addrB];
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