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Release 0.10.0
20091015 Patrick Galbraith <>
Matt Ingenthron <>,
Aliaksey Kandratsenka <>

* Move to new internal hashtable , removal of glib requirement
* Simplification of build
* Cleaner support for new platforms (OpenSolaris, Intel cc on Linux, MacOS)
* Resync with memcached 1.4.1


0.10.0 release candidate
This release candidate has an increase in test coverage and a number
of enhancements.  Notably, there is no longer a dependency on glib
as it has a simple, internal hashtable.


Release 0.9.6
Changes since 0.9.5:

* Fix for libmemcached integration.
  The library versioning for libemmcached was inadvertantly left out
  of  This would cause build failures on some platforms.

* Link libraries at the correct time.
  Some of the link flags were in the wrong place for libconflate.  This
  was fine for some platforms, but not others.

* Resynch with memcached upstream.
  Moxi is now resynched and tested against much of memcached 1.4.0


Release 0.9.5
Changes since 0.1.0:

The changes are so numerous it's pretty much impossible to enumerate
them in any kind of useful summary.  Just to give you a feel for it

* a2b protocol proxy was completed
  memcached protocol ascii to binary protocol was completed, tests
  were added and enhanced and fixes for various OS and compiler
  platforms were added.

* Support for libconflate completed
  Support for the libconflate XMPP management agent was added.  This
  can allow for online reconfiguration of moxi.

* Many stats added
  Proxy related statistics added.

* Front cache implemented
  A small, non-coherent, controlled by timeouts and key prefixes local
  or "L1" cache was added to the proxy.

* Support for configuration files
  To support more automated deployment, moxi now allows for
  configuration via file, passed as a parameter to -z.  For example,
  this allows for an /etc/moxi.conf to be used by a sysv style init


First tag version for moxi, a memcached proxy.
Based on memcached 1.3.3 from dustin/master.
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