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%% TODO make sure error handlings are in place
%% delete all objects
clear(TableName) ->
try ets:delete_all_objects(TableName) of
true ->
_ = ets:insert(TableName, {counter, 0}),
error:Error ->
{bad, Error}
%% Make sure the table exist, if not, create new one
sure_exist(TableName) ->
case ets:info(TableName) of
undefined ->
ets:new(TableName, [named_table]),
_ = ets:insert(TableName, {counter, 0}),
{ok, created};
_ ->
{ok, exists}
%% wrapper of ets:insert, just make sure the table exists
insert(TableName, Obj) ->
_ = sure_exist(TableName),
{ok, Count} = read(TableName, counter),
io:fwrite("Inserting into ~p - index: ~p - value: ~p ~n", [TableName, Count, Obj]),
_ = ets:insert(TableName, {Count, Obj}),
_ = ets:insert(TableName, {counter, Count+1}),
{ok, inserted, Count}.
%% wrapper of ets:lookup
read(TableName, Ref) ->
%% io:fwrite("Read from ~p with index ~p got value ", [TableName, Ref]),
case ets:lookup(TableName, Ref) of
[] ->
{bad, {not_found, TableName, Ref}};
[{counter, Count}|_] ->
{ok, Count};
[{_Idx, Obj}|_] ->
%% io:fwrite("~p~n", [Obj]),
{ok, Obj}
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