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log4erl 0.8.6:
* Added xml_appender for outputing logs to xml files
* Changed default behaviour to use sync logging (helps to eleminate
crash due to many processes due to high load)
* file_appender renames files when rotating instead of copying
* syslog_appender add missing facilities
* Updated leex to fix a critical bug
* Added error_logger_log4erl_h.erl which is a handler for error_logger
Makes it possible to forward error_logger logs to log4erl.
log4erl 0.8.5:
* Added new file configuration (log4erl:conf(File)).
* Added syslog_appender.
* Added support for ISO standard format to appenders (%I, %S & %Z specifiers).
* Changed %d & %j to output the date in YYYY-MM-DD format according to ISO standard format
log4erl 0.8.4:
* Added smtp_appender (new functions add_smtp_appender/2,3)
* Added change_level/2,3 for changing level of specific Appender
* Immproved feedback in case of errors
* Seperated API documentation into 2 files: API.txt & Appenders_API.txt.
The first includes general functions and the other includes appenders
specific API, such as file appenders and SMTP appenders API.
* Created a repository (
log4erl 0.8.3:
* Added console_appender
* Added more modifiers to the possible pattern of formats (milliseconds, short/long name of month)
* Added an extra atom in the tuple argument for add_file_appender/2,3 for specifying format
* Fixed a bug when rotation. (_02)
log4erl 0.8.2:
* Fixed issues with log4erl process not part of the supervisor
* Added support for simple log formatters (similar to Layouts in Log4J)
* Added change_format/2,3
* Added change_log_level/1,2
* Added get_appenders/0,1
Known issues:
- When file_appender crashes, the format is lost and log4erl will use the
default format
log4erl 0.8.1:
* Fixed unnecessary formatting of date/time for file_appender
* Added add_file_appender/2, add_file_appender/3
* Added add_dummy_appender/2, add_dummy_appender/3
log4erl 0.8:
* Added the notion of appenders in order to allow different appenders
for loggers and changed API to reflect this
* Fixed restarting issues when appenders crash
* Added dummy_appender for testing multiple appenders
* Added get_appenders/0,1 function
log4erl 0.7.1:
* Changed default behaviour of new file_logger to append in order to preserve previous logs.
* Changed file_logger_guard.erl to logger_guard.erl because this module will be useful once more
logger types are added (e.g. SNMP loggers, Syslog loggers...).
* Added a function to change log level of loggers during run-time.
* moved utility functions in file_logger.erl to log4erl_utils.
* Added log_manager.erl in order to easily allow for more logger types