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Notes on Riak Source Tree Restructuring
Table of Contents
1 Overview
2 Summary of changes
2.1 Building
2.2 Server scripts
2.2.1 riak_demo.escript
2.2.2 start-backup/restore/
2.3 Configuration
1 Overview
The Riak source tree has undergone a major restructuring as part of a
transition to a new build tool -- rebar. This tool enforces OTP compliant
directory structures for the riak application and its dependencies and
provides an easy-to-use wrapper around the new reltool system available in
Erlang R1303+. Using reltool makes it possible to construct a standalone
server instance that can be used on machines without Erlang installed. This
transition has also enabled us to introduce a standardized script for
starting/stopping and other server management tasks.
2 Summary of changes
2.1 Building
The source code can still be compiled using a single invocation of make at
the top-level $RIAK directory:
$ make
However, if you want a runnable, redistributable server you need to make sure
the "rel" target gets built:
$ make rel
This will place a full server install in the $RIAK/rel/riak directory. You
can safely copy this riak directory to any other machine with the SAME
operating system and architecture and run riak. See the README for more
information about how to start/stop the server.
As an alternative to the "rel" target, if you are doing active development on
the Riak source code you may want to try the "devrel" target. This will
generate three runnable nodes in $RIAK/dev and symlink them in such a way
that recompiles of the Riak source code (i.e. simple invocation of "make") is
automatically available to those nodes. These three nodes, (dev1, dev2, dev2)
are NOT suitable for redistribution. They simply make it easy to quickly test
changes to the Riak source code in a development environment.
NOTE: If you have just pulled the 0.7 version of Riak into an existing
clone of a previous Riak version, you will need to remove the old "ebin"
and "src" directories before running "make".
2.2 Server scripts
start-*.sh and debug-*.sh have all been replaced with the bin/riak and
bin/riak-admin scripts that are generated as part of the "rel" or "devrel"
2.2.1 riak_demo.escript
The functionality of this script is now available via:
$ bin/riak-admin test
2.2.2 start-backup/restore/
The functionality of these scripts is now available via the bin/riak-admin
2.3 Configuration
The config/ directory has been removed; you can now find default
configuration in $RIAK/rel/overlay/etc directory -- the app.config and
vm.args files are copied from that location when running the "rel" or
"devrel" targets. If you already have run the release targets you can just
edit the files in the $RIAK/rel/riak/etc or $RIAK/dev/dev*/etc directories
This file has been replaced with vm.args.
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