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v0.5.3, 13/12/2013 -- Bug fixes
- Changed: Allowed namespaces at bundle level
- Fixed: Only check equality of ProvBundles on asserted records
- Fixed: Some string literals are wrongly converted to QNames
- Updated test cases from ProvToolbox (v4.1)
- Added text explanations for some ProvException subclasses
- Added support for langtag in prov.persistence.LiteralAttribute
- Fixed: Support for prov:InternationalizedString literals
- Fixed: Keep timezone information when parsing xsd:dateTime
v0.5.2, 18/10/2013 -- Bug fixes
- Added South migrations for prov.persistence
- Fixed: Support for unlimited-length record identifier
- Fixed: Support for unlimited-length URI in namespace
- Fixed: Support for long literals (i.e. longer than 255 characters)
- Fixed: (JSON) Support for membership with multiple members
- Fixed: UnicodeEncodeError error
- Fixed: Support for JSON having records sharing the same identifier
- Fixed: Refactor the flattening code
- Fixed: Parsing XSD dateTime
- Fixed: Triple quoted multi-line string literals in PROV-N
- Added: Support initialising namespaces when creating a ProvBundle
v0.5.1, 13/09/2013 -- Bug fixes
- Added: JSON membership relation with a single entity (in a list)
- Fixed: Not generating inferred records in JSON encoding.
- Fixed: Generating JSON arrays for multi-value attributes
- Fixed: Comparing unicode literal values (fixed #12)
- Fixed: Returning the identifier of a record if the required attribute type is Identifier
- Fixed: No longer trying to find the actual generalEntity record when creating a Mention record
- Added informative arguments to ProvException classes
- Fixed: Attribute validation does not fail if the attribute is already a ProvRecord
v0.5.0, 02/09/2013 -- Added support for unifying records and flattening documents
- Allow inferred records to be retyped when flattening
- prov.model.graph: check if a node of a relation already drawn
- Add get_flattened() function to ProvBundle
- Added: hash functions for Literal and Namespace
- Changed: Add new bundle's namespaces to parent document
- Fixed: prov.persistence only saves namespaces at document level
- Added: is_document() and is_bundle() for ProvBundle
- Fixed: Stop outputting prefix in an bundle's PROV-JSON
- Changed: Removed namespace declarations in example bundles
- Better handling of ids when generating PROV-JSON
- Changed: Bundles cannot have their own namespace prefixes
- When exporting a bundle as a document add namespaces from parent
- Return pdbundle when calling add_prov_bundle
- Fixed support for the default namespace
- Fixed minor bugs.
v0.4.9, 09/08/2013 -- Added support for appending a named bundle to a document
- Fixed: Cannot get_label() when self._extra_attributes is None
v0.4.8, 06/08/2013 -- Bug fixes and minor improvements
- Added: Option to show attributes of relations in DOT graph generation
- Added: option to show attributes of nodes in DOT graph representation
- Added: Convenient methods for (de)serialising PROV-JSON (closes #17)
- Fixed: No longer output inferred records in PROV-N and PROV-JSON
- Fixed: Bundles now can have own namespaces
- Fixed: missing return Literal(...)
- Fixed: Error getting the value and datatype of Literal
v0.4.7, 10/07/2013 -- Bug fixes and minor improvements
- Changed: Removed out-dated example_graph()
- Changed: Improved mappings between default Python and XSD data types
- Changed: Removed ProvElement as the inferred record for influence
- Changed: Updated examples (primer, bundles1, bundles2)
- Fixed: Removed the duplicated Bundle definition in PROV_RECORD_TYPES
- Added JSON test files from ProvToolbox and a test for loading these
- Changed: Improved Literal equality test
- Added langtag getter to Literal
v0.4.6, 24/04/2013 -- Bug fixes
- Fixed: Removed the 'activity' attribute from Influence expression
- Fixed: Inferred records couldn't be created when the expected types provided as a list
v0.4.5, 13/03/2013 -- Minor fixes
- Changed: ProvActivity.set_time() can now accept just one argument. It previously sets the time of the missing argument to None.
- Changed: ProvAgent is now eligible for entity arguments and ProvEntity for agent ones
- Fixed: Producing the right PROV-N representation for float values
- Added float data type support for prov.persistence
- Removed ProvCollection class since collections should be instantiated as entities
- Added get_attribute() and get_value() to ProvRecord
- Changed: Check if an attribute's value is a valid QName and return the QName
- Fixed exception rendering graphs with empty records
- Fixed: PROV-N export - top-level bundle -> document
- Fixed: Bug when renaming prefixes
- Updated graph colors to the PROV style
- Restructured package folder
- Moved to a new repo.
- Fixed: 'memberof' -> 'hadMember'
v0.4.0, 31/10/2012 -- Initial release.