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in python 2.6 this line fails.

   File "/home/travis/miniconda/envs/testenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/prov/", line 407
    self._attributes[PROV_ATTR_STARTTIME] = {startTime}

we use prov in our nipype project where travis checks against 2.6 and 2.7 - 2.7 passes but 2.6 fails.


@satra, I believe Python 2.6 does not support set literals yet. Instead of {startTime} you can try set([startTime])

As I don't run Py2.6, do you mind check if there is any other 2.6 incompatibility? If it is just the set literals, I'm fine doing away with it.


@trungdong - i don't have 2.6 either but we use travis to do our automated unit testing.

this must have been a fairly recent change - as we install from the prov/enh/rdf branch everytime we run the tests and this was working till a recent update.

if i have some time this weekend, i'll send a PR with a .travis.yml file for prov.


@satra, that would be excellent 👍. I've always wanted a proper test setup but never managed to get to it.


This issue is now fixed in the current release 1.0.0 with the py2.6 test. Many thanks again @satra.

@trungdong trungdong closed this Jul 29, 2014
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