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HTS Reader

>>> from hts_reader.h_model import HMMSet
>>> hmm_set = HMMSet()
>>>"examples/test.mmf", forced=True)
>>>"cat examples/test.mmf|", forced=True)
>>>, from_stdin=True)

This module allows to read the HTS binary model from file, stdin, or even pipeline. The pipeline can be a HHEd command.

I wrote this module with in a similar way with HModel.c. So if you want to improve it, it is necessary to read the HModel.c first. It should not be too hard.

Support Macros

Currently, this version support the following macros: o, t, v, m, s, p, h. I will try to add more macro in the future. But it should be too hard to do it by yourself.


  • py_io - supports reading from stdin, pipeline