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Resource people correctly

Working space matters

People need a place to work. Make sure they have a place to work, whether a coworking space (🔒TDR - 0039 - Offer a coworking space monthly budget) or through a good home office (🔒TDR - 0040 - Offer a one-time home office improvement budget). Both TDRs indicate internal records of deciding to implement company-wide.

Quality headphones matter

Whether working at home, in an open office, or in a coffee shop, the quality of your headphones can make or break your ability to focus on work or participate in meetings. Truss offers a budget specific to headphones via 🔒TDR - 0003.

Employee effectiveness budget

We know working space and headphones don’t cover everything a Trussel needs to be effective in their work. In fact, we know we can’t predict the specific things each Trussel will need to be effective at their work. So we also offer a monthly employee effectiveness budget for them to figure it out themselves via 🔒TDR - 0037. Includes meeting with other Trussels.

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