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See each other in person sometimes

Face to face connection still has a certain something to it, and so we recommend still seeing other coworkers in person from time to time.

See another human within 3 months of starting work at Truss

We are a fully distributed company, and many folk are the only Trussel in their state. That could be lonely! As a part of onboarding, we highly recommend people meet at least one other 🔒Trussel face to face within the first 3 months of starting work. Read more in the face-to-face policy. Document describes why and how we do this.

If you spend time together, have a coffee or meal on Truss

Sometimes, Trussels are traveling for work or for fun. We like to encourage people to meet up with each other when this is the case, and so we cover a coffee or meal while doing so.


We host a once-a-year company-wide offsite. It’s a chance to align on (and progress) strategy, get to know each other more, and do things like dye each others’ hair and roast marshmallows. Vital for trust building and alignment.

Truss Remote Experience

Sometimes we don’t want to wait until the offsite to see each other, and no business travel is coming up. In those cases, we pick a place and descend upon it. Folk rally around places they want to visit, and then we vote on which we want to go to next. Truss doesn’t foot the bill.

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