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Creates and configures AWS CloudTrail
HCL Go Makefile
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Terraform AWS CloudTrail

This module creates AWS CloudTrail and configures it so that logs go to cloudwatch.

Terraform Versions

Terraform 0.12. Pin module version to ~> 2.X. Submit pull-requests to master branch.

Terraform 0.11. Pin module version to ~> 1.X. Submit pull-requests to terraform011 branch.


module "aws_cloudtrail" {
    source             = "trussworks/cloudtrail/aws"
    s3_bucket_name     = "my-company-cloudtrail-logs"
    log_retention_days = 90


Name Description Type Default Required
cloudwatch_log_group_name The name of the CloudWatch Log Group that receives CloudTrail events. string "cloudtrail-events" no
encrypt_cloudtrail Whether or not to use a custom KMS key to encrypt CloudTrail logs. string "false" no
key_deletion_window_in_days Duration in days after which the key is deleted after destruction of the resource, must be 7-30 days. Default 30 days. string "30" no
log_retention_days Number of days to keep AWS logs around in specific log group. string "90" no
org_trail Whether or not this is an organization trail. Only valid in master account. string "false" no
s3_bucket_name The name of the AWS S3 bucket. string n/a yes


Name Description
cloudtrail_arn CloudTrail ARN
cloudtrail_home_region CloudTrail Home Region
cloudtrail_id CloudTrail ID

Developer Setup

Install dependencies (macOS)

brew install pre-commit go terraform terraform-docs


Terratest is being used for automated testing with this module. Tests in the test folder can be run locally by running the following command:

make test

Or with aws-vault:

AWS_VAULT_KEYCHAIN_NAME=<NAME> aws-vault exec <PROFILE> -- make test
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