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Creates an AWS Lambda function to send Slack notification for AWS health events (e.g.,outages). using truss-aws-tools.

Creates the following resources:

  • IAM role for Lambda function
  • CloudWatch Event to trigger when AWS sends health events.
  • AWS Lambda function to capture AWS health events and sends the notifcation to Slack.


module "health-notifications" {
  source  = "trussworks/health-notifications/aws"
  version = "1.0.0"

  environment           = "prod"
  s3_bucket             = "lambda-builds-us-west-2"
  slack_channel         = "infra"
  ssm_slack_webhook_url = "slack-webhook-url"
  version_to_deploy     = "2.6"


Name Description Type Default Required
cloudwatch_logs_retention_days Number of days to keep logs in AWS CloudWatch. string "90" no
environment Environment tag, e.g prod. string n/a yes
s3_bucket The name of the S3 bucket used to store the Lambda builds. string n/a yes
slack_channel Slack channel to send alert to string n/a yes
ssm_slack_webhook_url Name of the Slack webhook url parameter in Parameter Store. string n/a yes
version_to_deploy The version the Lambda function to deploy. string n/a yes
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