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Creates and configures Anti-Virus Scanning of S3 Buckets.
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Creates an AWS Lambda function to do anti-virus scanning of objects in AWS S3 using bucket-antivirus-function

While waiting for updates on that repo you will need to use a special fork and branch:

git clone
git checkout cg_all_prs

With that repo checked out you must run the make command and then copy the resulting zip file to AWS S3 with:

aws s3 cp bucket-antivirus-function-chris/build/ s3://lambda-builds-us-west-2/anti-virus/VERSION/

Creates the following resources for anti-virus updates:

  • IAM role for Lambda function to update Anti-Virus databases in S3
  • CloudWatch Event to trigger function on a schedule.
  • AWS Lambda function to download Anti-Virus databases files to S3

Creates the following resources for anti-virus scanning:

  • IAM role for Lambda function to scan files in S3
  • S3 Event to trigger function on object creation
  • AWS Lambda function to scan S3 object and send alert to slack if any objects are infected and quarantined.


module "s3_anti_virus" {
  source = "../../modules/aws-s3-anti-virus"

  lambda_s3_bucket = "lambda-builds-us-west-2"
  lambda_version   = "1.0"
  lambda_package   = "anti-virus"

  av_update_minutes = "180"
  av_scan_buckets   = ["bucket-name"]

  av_definition_s3_bucket   = "av-update-bucket-name"
  av_definition_s3_prefix   = "anti-virus"
  av_scan_start_sns_arn = "sns-topic-name"
  av_status_sns_arn     = "sns-topic-name"


Name Description Type Default Required
av_definition_s3_bucket Bucket containing antivirus databse files. string n/a yes
av_definition_s3_prefix Prefix for antivirus databse files. string "clamav_defs" no
av_scan_buckets A list of S3 bucket names to scan for viruses. list n/a yes
av_scan_start_sns_arn SNS topic ARN to publish notification about start of scan (optional). string "" no
av_status_sns_arn SNS topic ARN to publish scan results (optional). string "" no
av_status_sns_publish_clean Publish AV_STATUS_CLEAN results to AV_STATUS_SNS_ARN. string "True" no
av_status_sns_publish_infected Publish AV_STATUS_INFECTED results to AV_STATUS_SNS_ARN. string "True" no
av_update_minutes How often to download updated Anti-Virus databases. string "180" no
cloudwatch_logs_retention_days Number of days to keep logs in AWS CloudWatch. string "90" no
lambda_package The name of the lambda package. Used for a directory tree and zip file. string "anti-virus" no
lambda_s3_bucket The name of the S3 bucket used to store the Lambda builds. string n/a yes
lambda_version The version the Lambda function to deploy. string n/a yes
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