ifmapj is a lightweight, platform-independent, easy-to-use IF-MAP client library for Java. IF-MAP is an XML based protocol for sharing data across arbitrary components, specified by the Trusted Computing Group. ifmapj is maintained by the Trust@HsH group at the Hochschule Hannover. ifmapj was developed within the ESUKOM research project.
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This package contains an experimental IF-MAP library for Java. It eases the development of IF-MAP clients (see full Javadoc). ifmapj supports [IF-MAP 2.0] 1.

Development was done by [Hochschule Hannover] 2 (Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) within the [ESUKOM] 3 research project.

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Most parts of the code are well commented. A UML class diagram is provided within the src/main/doc folder. In order to start your own IF-MAP client, refer to the examples in the ifmapj-examples project (available separately). The default password for the keystore included is ifmapj.


ifmapj uses the Apache httpcore library. However, if this library is not available, ifmapj supports a fallback mechanism that works without any additional library. If you do not want to use the Apache httpcore library, but cannot remove it from the CLASSPATH, e.g. on Android, it is possible to set the system property ifmapj.communication.handler to java. This property may also be set to apache, in which case no fallback is used if the Apache httpcore library is not available, but initialization simply fails.

IF-MAP Server Verification

In order to disable verification of the IF-MAP Server certificate, the system property ifmapj.communication.verifypeercert can be set to false. If this property is either unset or set to true, verification of the IF-MAP Server certificate is enabled. Setting the property to any value other than true or false, will lead to an InitializationException.

IF-MAP Server Hostname / Common Name Verification

Additonally, the resolved IPs from the common name of the server certificate can be compared with the resolved IPs of the hostname which was used to connect to. The system property is called ifmapj.communication.verifypeerhost. If it is set to true, this check is done, otherwise it is not, regardless of the value of the system property. Note, the realization of this functionality is rather basic. Therefore, if you are concerned about this at all, you should check ifmapj's implementation and decide whether it meets your requirements.


Just execute

$ mvn package

in order to create a binary JAR file, a source JAR file and this project archive.


If you have any questions, problems or comments, please contact


ifmapj is licensed under the [Apache License, Version 2.0] 4.



  • Refactoring of Identifier and Request handling:

    • More modular to allow registration of CustomIdentifier and CustomRequest handlers.
    • see: Identifiers.registerIdentifierHandler() and Requests.registerRequestHandler().
  • Make setter methods of Identifiers deprecated to mark the transition to immutable Identifier objects.

  • Deprecate IdentifierFactory and RequestFactory with factory classes Identifiers and Requests.


  • Fixed typo 'disoverer-id' in standard metadata factory.

  • Updated testing keystore

  • Fix Device identifier parsing

  • Introduce ifmapj.communication.verifypeercert and ifmapj.communication.verifypeerhost system properties


  • Add Chunked Transfer Encoding functionality to JavaCommunicationHandler.

  • Avoid a cloneNode() bug in Android < API Level 11, which leads to DOMExceptions when DOM Level 1 methods are used to create DOM attributes and elements.

  • Unified CommunicationHandler implementations