irond is an an *experimental* IF-MAP 2.0 compliant MAP server written in JAVA. irond supports both basic authentication and certificate-based authentication (using X.509 certificates) of MAP clients. irond is maintained by the Trust@HsH group at the Hochschule Hannover, initial developement was carried out during the ESUKOM research project.
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This package contains an experimental MAP server based on JAVA. Pre-configured and "ready to run" binary packages are available in the release section. The server is based on the IF-MAP 2.2 specification.

irond supports both basic authentication and certificate-based authentication (using X.509 certificates) of MAP clients.

Development was started within the IRON project at Fachhochschule Hannover (Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts).

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General configuration can be done through the file. For example, which keystore and truststore file should be used, as well as the ports to be used for basic and certificate-based authentication. The provided lists commented set of configuration options. As irond may decide to recreate the configuration file without the comments, those comments are backed up in the file

Client Authentication

Basic Authentication:

Username/password combinations for basic authentication MAP clients can be configured using a properties file. The file to be used is set to be set in the file. By default the file is used. The format is <user>:<password>.

Certificate-based Authentication:

Certificates of the allowed MAP clients need to be added to the used keystore. In this package, the certificates need to be added to the file irond.jks, which is located in the directory keystore. The keytool program provided by JAVA may be used for this purpose.

publisher-id Mapping

The file is used to map a MAPC identification to publisher-ids. Entries in this file are of the form <client identification>=<publisher-id>. The <client identification> field either represents the username used for basic authentication, or the common name of the client's certificate, used during certificate-based authentication.

If no mapping of a MAPC identification to a publisher-id can be found, an entry is created. This entry can be freely changed later on to modify the publisher-id a MAPC gets assigned.

Authorization of MAPC

irond supports two basic types of MAPCs. Either read-only or read-write MAPCs. The file is used to restrict MAPCs to read-only operations. The entries of this file need to be in the form <client identification>=[ro|rw]. The <client identification> is the as used in the file.

Note: If no entry for a given MAPC is given, this MAPC is allowed to do both, read and write operations. However, if an entry exists, but is set to any other value then ro or rw, the MAPC is restricted to read-only operations.


Just run $ mvn package as Maven will install the dependency to the SunXACML implementation on its own before compiling.


The server was developed using JAVA 1.6. It is therefore recommended to test it with JAVA 1.6. The file can be used to reduce the output. However, as of the experimental state the server is currently in, it makes sense to leave it on TRACE.

The server can be started with the following command:

$ java -jar irond.jar

or by using the contained start scripts.


Two simple soapUI projects for testing purposes are included in the soapui-examples folder:

soapuiIfmap.xml: simply runs a new session request, publishes some metadata, runs a search for the published metadata, and ends by calling end session.

irond-demo-soapui-project.xml: cotains a more complex example where a 802.1X AR connects to a network.


If you have any questions, problems or comments, please contact


irond is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Notes on Sun XACML

The original Sun XACML implementation in version 2.0-M2-SNAPSHOT was changed to not include an own log4j properties file. The altered jar-file was then handled by a Python script by Nikita Volkov to generate a local Maven repository for irond. It installs in the users Maven repository (~/.m2/repository) as net/sf/sunxacml/sunxacml/2.0-M2.trustathsh-SNAPSHOT/. The license of the original Sun XACML implementation is attached as LICENSE.SUNXACML.txt.