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@onlykey onlykey released this Jun 9, 2021 · 1 commit to master since this release

We are pleased to announce that the new production OnlyKey software is now available! For more information on upgrading OnlyKey firmware read guide here. New features in this release:

  • Automatically installing UDEV rule for Linux app (Install via .DEB)
  • Load OpenSSH keys
  • Load HMAC keys for challenge-response
  • Display firmware auto-upgrade prompt with firmware upgrade guide
  • This release includes support for new features in OnlyKey firmware v2.1.1

SHA256 - 7145b5fddc125b9dd60dc6de261b6ecd0adbdb136caa06274e4c77d461abc3f4

SHA256 - 38a20e11e0a3219c874b55c9f41d809c426296041c297e2c3e717ebd35403a25

SHA256 - 10611139e7cb601e49453dd9297aa8be767956c8ff37ebebeae1ac9076008e63
GPG Signature verify with debsig-verify
A1D6 4A3B 496C B0F3 6E12 B46F 9A9F 520D 44EA 53D1

For non-Debian Linux users you may install the OnlyKey app via snapcraft. More information in the Linux Guide.

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