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OAuth-Demo is an example of a Relying Party application. This demo utilizes Trusted Key's wallet service to provide secure passwordless login support using the OAuth open standard.

Getting started

This application was developed under Node-js version 6.10.x. Use nvm to install the latest stable version of node v6.10.0.

Post installation, please do the below steps in folder where the repo is forked/downloaded.

  nvm install v6.10.0
  nvm use v6.10.0

To begin, obtain OAuth Client Id & Client Secre by registering a relying party application at Detailed instructions on this can be found here.

Update the config.js file accordingly:

  config.localUrl = 'https://<where your application is hosted>';
  config.oauthClientId = '<client id>';
  config.oauthClientSecret = '<client secret>';
  config.authorizeCallbackRoute = '/<registered callback url route>';

Individual Claims Requests

Individual claims can be configured at,

OAuth-Demo/oauth-client.js -> OauthClient method -> claims object


"given_name": null

null -> Indicates that this Claim is being requested in the default manner. In particular, this is a Voluntary Claim.

"address": {
  "essential": true

JSON object -> essential (optional) -> Indicates whether the Claim being requested is an Essential Claim. If the value is true, this indicates that the Claim is an Essential Claim.

Install dependencies and run the application:

# Change to project directory
cd <project-directory>

# Install npm dependencies
npm install

# Run the applicationn
node index.js

# Access the applicationn