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Trusted Key Homebrew Tap

This is the repository for Trusted Key Homebrew packages.

To install the Trusted Key SSH Agent:

brew tap trustedkey/trustedkey
brew install tk-ssh-agent

# Enroll your credentials in the daemon
# This will load the public key from your mobile device
tk-ssh-agent enroll --email <>

# Optionally configure agent proxy to another SSH agent like gpg-agent or ssh-agent
tk-ssh-agent config --proxy /run/user/1000/gnupg/S.gpg-agent.ssh

# Start the daemon service using launchd
brew services start tk-ssh-agent

# Set SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable to use the agent
export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$TMPDIR/tk-ssh-auth.sock

# For easy everyday use put it into your .profile
echo 'export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$TMPDIR/tk-ssh-auth.sock' >> ~/.profile

Available packages:

Package Description
tk-ssh-agent Trusted Key SSH agent