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Situational Awareness BOF

This repo intends to serve two purposes. First it provides a nice set of basic situational awareness commands implemented in a Beacon Object File (BOF). This allows you to perform some checks on a host before you begin executing commands that may be more invasive.

Its larger goal is providing a code example and workflow for others to begin making more BOFs. It is a companion document of the blog post made here:

Making a new BOF

If you want to use the same workflow as this repository, your basic steps are as follows:

  1. Make a folder that covers the target topic, for example in this repo we are using SA
  2. Copy the base_template into topic/commandname
  3. Modify the Makefile to have your commandname on the first line. This should be the same as the folder name
  4. If doing something other then SA, make sure to modify lines 14 and 15 of the makefile as well so its moved to the correct location
  5. Make a .cna file in the base of your topic folder and add the commands that you reference. If you followed this format you can take the helper function readbof from SA.cna

Realistically, this could be compressed into a helper script, but those steps were not taken for this effort.

Available commands

Commands Usage Notes
adcs_enum adcs_enum Enumerate CAs and templates in the AD using Win32 functions
adcs_enum_com adcs_enum_com Enumerate CAs and templates in the AD using ICertConfig COM object
adcs_enum_com2 adcs_enum_com2 Enumerates CAs and templates in the AD using IX509PolicyServerListManager COM object
adv_audit_policies adv_audit_policies Retrieve advanced security audit policies
arp arp List ARP table
cacls cacls [filepath] List user permissions for the specified file, wildcards supported
dir dir [directory] [/s] List files in a directory. Supports wildcards (e.g. "C:\Windows\S*") the CobaltStrike ls command
driversigs driversigs Enumerate installed services Imagepaths to check the signing cert against known AV/EDR vendors
enum_filter_driver enum_filter_driver [opt:computer] Enumerate all the filter drivers
enumLocalSessions enumLocalSessions Enumerate the currently attached user sessions both local and over RDP
env env List process environment variables
findLoadedModule findLoadedModule [modulepart] [opt:procnamepart] Find what processes *modulepart* are loaded into, optionally searching just *procnamepart*
get_password_policy get_password_policy [hostname] Get target server or domain's configured password policy and lockouts
ipconfig ipconfig List IPv4 address, hostname, and DNS server
ldapsearch ldapsearch [query] [opt: attribute] [opt: results_limit] [opt: DC hostname or IP] [opt: Distingished Name] Execute LDAP searches (NOTE: specify *,ntsecuritydescriptor as attribute if you want all attributes + base64 encoded ACL of the objects, this can then be resolved using BOFHound)
listdns listdns List DNS cache entries. Attempt to query and resolve each
listmods listmods [opt: pid] List process modules (DLL). Target current process if PID is empty. Complement to driversigs to determine if our process was injected by AV/EDR
listpipes listpipes List named pipes
locale locale List system locale language, locale ID, date, time, and country
netGroupList netGroupList [opt: domain] List groups from the default or specified domain
netGroupListMembers netGroupListMembers [groupname] [opt: domain] List group members from the default or specified domain
netLocalGroupList netLocalGroupList [opt: server] List local groups from the local or specified computer
netLocalGroupListMembers netLocalGroupListMembers [groupname] [opt: server] List local groups from the local or specified computer
netsession netsession [opt:computer] Enumerate sessions on the local or specified computer
netstat netstat TCP and UDP IPv4 listing ports
netuser netuser [username] [opt: domain] Get info about specific user. Pull from domain if a domainname is specified
netuse_add netuse_add [sharename] [opt:username] [opt:password] [opt:/DEVICE:devicename] [opt:/PERSIST] [opt:/REQUIREPRIVACY] Bind a new connection to a remote computer
netuse_delete netuse_delete [device||sharename] [opt:/PERSIST] [opt:/FORCE] Delete the bound device / sharename]
netuse_list netuse_list [opt:target] List all bound share resources or info about target local resource
netview netview List reachable computers in the current domain
nslookup nslookup [hostname] [opt:dns server] [opt: record type] Make a DNS query.
DNS server is the server you want to query (do not specify or 0 for default)
record type is something like A, AAAA, or ANY. Some situations are limited due to observed crashes
probe probe [host] [port] Check if a specific port is open
reg_query [opt:hostname] [hive] [path] [opt: value to query] Query a registry value or enumerate a single key
reg_query_recursive [opt:hostname] [hive] [path] Recursively enumerate a key starting at path
resources resources List memory usage and available disk space on the primary hard drive
routeprint routeprint List IPv4 routes
sc_enum sc_enum [opt:server] Enumerate all services for qc, query, qfailure, and qtriggers info
sc_qc sc_qc [service name] [opt:server] sc qc impelmentation in BOF
sc_qdescription sc_qdescription [service name] [opt: server] sc qdescription implementation in BOF
sc_qfailure sc_qfailure [service name] [opt:server] Query a service for failure conditions
sc_qtriggerinfo sc_qtriggerinfo [service name] [opt:server] Query a service for trigger conditions
sc_query sc_query [opt: service name] [opt: server] sc query implementation in BOF
schtasksenum schtasksenum [opt: server] Enumerate all scheduled tasks on the local computer or if provided remote computer
schtasksquery schtasksquery [opt: server] [taskpath] Query the given task on the local computer or if provided remote computer
tasklist tasklist [opt: server] List running processes including PID, PPID, and ComandLine (uses wmi)
uptime uptime List system boot time and how long it has been running
vssenum vssenum [hostname] [opt:sharename] Enumerate shadow copies on some Server 2012+ servers
whoami whoami List whoami /all
windowlist windowlist [opt:all] List visible windows in the current user session
wmi_query wmi_query query [opt: server] [opt: namespace] Run a wmi query and display results in CSV format

Note the reason for including reg_query when CS has a built in reg query(v) command is because this one can target remote systems and has the ability to recursively enumerate a whole key.


The functional code for most of these commands was taken from the reactos project or code examples hosted on MSDN. The driversigs codebase comes from

Thanks all of the contributors listed under contributors. Each of you have contributed something meaningful to this repository and dealt with me and my review processes. I appreciate each and every one of you for teaching me and helping make this BOF repository the best it can be!

Compiler used

Precompiled BOF's are provided in this project and are compiled using a recent version of Mingw-w64 typically installed from Brew.

System Support

These BOF's are written with support for Windows Vista+ in mind. A new branch called winxp_2003 has been created if you need to use the main set of BOF's on those older systems. This branch will remain in a less supported state. It will be functional, but not updated with every new push / feature that we may add.


Situational Awareness commands implemented using Beacon Object Files