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To Whom It May Concern,
ConsultantCompany is performing a physical security assessment on behalf of [CLIENT_NAME]. This involves simulating an attacker attempting to circumvent and/or bypass the physical security controls of the organization. [CONSULTANT_NAME(S)] of ConsultantCompany [is/are] fully authorized to conduct this assessment and in the event that they are detected or caught, they will document the encounter and proceed with any remaining phases of the assessment.
The purpose of this engagement is to identify weaknesses and exposures that the organization has from a physical security standpoint and determine the efforts necessary to ensure that the information and personnel are protected against these types of attacks. This assessment is fully sanctioned and authorized by [CLIENT_NAME] and is not a criminal event, intrusion or break in attempt under 18 USC 1030 or any other local, state or federal law or criminal ordinance
Authorized Location(s): [Building Name]
[Designate Common Area Entryways if Multi-Site]
Authorized Testing Time Frame: [Between the Hours of ____ am/pm and ____ am/pm]
Should you have any questions, concerns, or need to verify the accuracy of this document, please contact one of the following [CLIENT_NAME] managers or priority contacts on the following list 24/7:
Name: 24/7 Phone:
Name: 24/7 Phone:
Name: 24/7 Phone:
Name: 24/7 Phone:
(A minimum of two (2) contacts is required and must be available 24/7 to validate this document and the associated activities).
-Signature page follows-
Name: Date:
County of ________________ ) ss:
State of _________ )
Sworn to, acknowledged and subscribed in my presence this ____ day of November, 2019 by ___________ as his/her free act and deed on behalf of [CLIENT].
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