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Trust Enterprises by DOVU

Your self-hosted starting point for simply accessing common Hedera Services. Deploy your nodes for 300+ TPS as a cluster on Digital Ocean or free on Vercel.

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  1. hedera-serverless-api hedera-serverless-api Public

    Your starting API for building applications with Hedera. Minimise the cost of your SaaS interacting with distributed ledger technology (DLT), Hedera Hashgraph. Deploy your own REST API in 2 minutes…

    JavaScript 15 10

  2. laravel-hashgraph laravel-hashgraph Public

    Plug-in to the power of Hedera Hashgraph through your Laravel application

    PHP 5 3

  3. hedera-dnft-specification hedera-dnft-specification Public

    [WIP] The Dynamic Non-Fungible Standard on Hedera Hashgraph

    3 1

  4. unibar-prototype unibar-prototype Public

    Unibar prototype, on a delicious base of NextJS, Prisma and Tailwind.

    JavaScript 1 2

  5. trust-enterprise-docs trust-enterprise-docs Public

    Documention repo

  6. landing-page landing-page Public

    Archive of current landen/Umso landing page



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