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Trustroots Mobile App mobile app built with and React Native.

Install for Android via Play Store or download APK.

Currently the app merely wraps site in a WebView component and provides push notifications.

Getting started with development

Before you start

  1. You need Node.js installed
  2. Install Expo CLI npm install expo-cli --global
  3. Run npm ci in project directory
  4. Create settings file: cp Settings-example.js Settings.js (and modify contents if needed)
  5. Start the application by running npm start

Running the app on physical phone

  1. Get an Expo account. You register from Expo web site or by using command line utility.
  2. Install Expo App to your mobile phone:

Running in emulator

If you prefer emulator instead of using physical phone check out instructions form Expo site.

Note that emulator cannot process push notifications.

Type expo start --ios or expo start --android to open the application in emulators.

Running local development version of the site inside the app

By default app is configured to load site from in the WebView, but you can change this to load your local version.

Before you start, install and run Trustroots on your local machine.

To load your local version:

  1. You should have Trustroots website running at http://localhost:3000.
  2. Find your computer's private network IP. You can verify it by loading http://YOUR-IP-ADDRESS:3000/ in your browser.
  3. Open Settings.js and set BASE_URL to http://YOUR-IP-ADDRESS:3000/.
  4. Done! You should now see the page refresh on your phone or emulator if you change any files at the website.

Note that if you want to use https or different port, you need to configure those from Trustroots's configuration files.