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💰 TrueFi Smart Contracts

Coverage Status

🗂 Table of Contents

💡 Intro

TrueFi is a decentralized protocol for uncollateralized lending. This repository contains all smart contracts used across TrueFi ecosystem. Contracts are written in Solidity. All key functionalities are tested with attached TypeScript test suite. Apart from contracts and tests repository contains scripts used for deployment and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

📎 Projects

Repository consists of following sub-projects.


Core TrueFi smart contracts. These contracts are responsible for establishing main protocol functionalities like creating loans, rating loans, rewarding raters etc. This repository also contains contracts used for TRU liquidity mining program.

True Currencies

Contracts used for True Currencies - a set of fully-backed stablecoins. True Currencies feature tokens pegged to USD, AUD, HKD, GBP and CAD.


Contracts implementing TrueFi governance. Sub-project features both governor contract and all contracts implementing voting mechanisms.


Contracts and utilities allowing to use unified proxy structure across whole TrueFi ecosystem.

Trust Token

Contracts implementing TRU - TrueFi ecosystem governance token.

True Gold

Smart contracts implementing True Gold - a synthetic gold on Ethereum blockchain.

🧰 Installation

In order to compile the contracts first clone the repository. In order to do that run

git clone

Then enter smart-contracts directory and install all necessary dependencies by running


Important note: You need to have node and yarn already installed on your machine.

In order to compile the smart contracts run

yarn build

✅ Testing

In order to run test suite, run

yarn test

Make sure to install all dependencies and compile contracts first.

In order to run linter, run

yarn lint

In order to run typescript type checks, run

yarn typecheck

All three check suites can be run at once by running

yarn checks

🛡 Coverage

Before proceeding make sure you have the smart contracts compiled. If needed compile by running

yarn build

In order to run coverage, run

yarn coverage

You may also want to run coverage for specific tests. You can do so by providing named argument --testfiles

yarn coverage --testfiles "path/to/tests"

Important note: Keep in mind that when running coverage smart contracts are additionally compiled with optimizer disabled and it may take longer for tests to complete.

🚉 Addresses


Contract Proxy Address
TrueUSD 0x0000000000085d4780B73119b644AE5ecd22b376
TrueGBP 0x00000000441378008EA67F4284A57932B1c000a5
TrueAUD 0x00006100f7090010005f1bd7ae6122c3c2cf0090
TrueCAD 0x00000100F2A2bd000715001920eB70D229700085
TrueHKD 0x0000852600CEB001E08e00bC008be620d60031F2
Registry 0x0000000000013949f288172bd7e36837bddc7211
TrueFi token 0x4C19596f5aAfF459fA38B0f7eD92F11AE6543784
Staked TrueFi 0x23696914Ca9737466D8553a2d619948f548Ee424
TrueFi Pool 0xa1e72267084192Db7387c8CC1328fadE470e4149
TrueLender2 0xa606dd423dF7dFb65Efe14ab66f5fDEBf62FF583
TrueRatingAgency 0x05461334340568075bE35438b221A3a0D261Fb6b
LoanFactory2 0x69d844fB5928d0e7Bc530cC6325A88e53d6685BC
TrueFi LP Farm 0x8FD832757F58F71BAC53196270A4a55c8E1a29D9
Uniswap TUSD/TFI-LP Farm 0xf8F14Fbb93fa0cEFe35Acf7e004fD4Ef92d8315a
Uniswap ETH/TRU Farm 0xED45Cf4895C110f464cE857eBE5f270949eC2ff4
tfTUSD Distributor 0xfB8d918428373f766B352564b70d1DcC1e3b6383
Uni TUSD/tfTUSD Distributor 0xCc527F4f8c76dB1EBA217d001cCc6f8bD9e0D86E
Uni ETH/TRU Distributor 0x8EFF7d12118Fd599772D6448CDAd11D5fb2568e0
RatingAgencyV2Distributor 0x6151570934470214592AA051c28805cF4744BCA7
stkTRUDistributor 0xecfD4F2C07EABdb7b592308732B59713728A957F
Uniswap Router 0x7a250d5630B4cF539739dF2C5dAcb4c659F2488D
Uniswap Factory 0x5C69bEe701ef814a2B6a3EDD4B1652CB9cc5aA6f

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