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TrustToken smart contracts
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For all of our deployments, the address is the same between mainnet and testnet. Our source code is verified on Etherscan.


Contract Token Address Controller Address Mainnet Rinkeby
TrueUSD 0x0000000000085d4780B73119b644AE5ecd22b376 0x0000000000075EfBeE23fe2de1bd0b7690883cc9
TrueGBP 0x00000000441378008EA67F4284A57932B1c000a5 0x00000000BbcF7700A1b403C9EB666f350707b900
TrueAUD 0x00006100f7090010005f1bd7ae6122c3c2cf0090 0x0000109a8344DE9c00465264006C0000769A2770
TrueCAD 0x00000100F2A2bd000715001920eB70D229700085 0x00005cAD001e0900002979f7314D00Fc480a29bD
TrueHKD 0x0000852600CEB001E08e00bC008be620d60031F2 0x0000107d120000E00095Cf06b787a0a900B1F8Bd

Getting Testnet Tokens

For the testnet tokens, the controller is a TokenFaucet, so anybody can mint as many test tokens as they want. Send faucet(uint256) (0x5c3976a8) to the appropriate controller to obtain funds. Here is an example. Note that the tokens have 18 decimal places of precision. You can mint up to 1,000,000,000,000 tokens per transaction.


Contract Address Mainnet Rinkeby
Registry 0x0000000000013949F288172bD7E36837bDdC7211
Autosweep Registrar 0x00000000000Da14C27C155Bb7C1Ac9Bd7519eB3b

Registering for Autosweep

Sending any transaction to the Autosweep Registrar registers your deposit address for all of our tokens. See the section on Autosweep.

Tokenized Currencies

This repository contains the smart contracts for TrueUSD and TrueGBP, as well as the contracts that support them. This section contains a high-level overview of the contracts. For specifics, see the relevant .sol files.


We use DELEGATECALL proxies so that we can upgrade our contracts without changing their addresses. We always seek a security audit before upgrading, in order to mitigate risk.


All of the tokens use the storage laid out in ProxyStorage.sol. Solidity storage variables for tokens should not be declared in any other file. This mitigates the risk of the storage layout shifting between upgrades.


These contracts are inspired by and roughly equivalent to the corresponding ERC20 token contracts from OpenZeppelin. Work is separated into internal functions that can be overridden for storage migrations.



TokenController is the owner for each of our tokens. Power is separated between the Owner key, Mint Pause Keys, the Mint Key, and Mint Ratifier Keys, which protect the mint process. Risk is configurable in the mint limits.


This contract can be the owner of a TokenController. It turns every TokenController owner function into a multisig function that requires 2/3 approvals.


Our own implementation of Claimable Contract, formerly part of OpenZeppelin.


This limits the minimum and maximum number of tokens that can be redeemed per-transaction.


This file processes attributes synced from the Registry.


Registering a wallet creates a million deposit addresses that automatically forward their True Currency balances. The created deposit addresses share the first 35 characters of their address with the registering wallet. You can register your deposit address using the Autosweep Registrar.

Transfers to any of your deposit addresses will forward to your wallet in the same transaction. Such transactions will emit two Transfer events. The first event documents the expected value transfer from the sender to the deposit address. The second event documents the automatic sweep from the deposit address to the wallet.

Exchanges should register deposit addresses to reduce their operating overhead.

Redemption addresses

You can redeem these tokens for fiat by transfering them to your redemption address, which starts with at least thirty-five zeroes. Sign up for your redemption address by creating a TrustToken account.

Blacklisted addresses

TrustToken prevents you from sending our tokens to blacklisted addresses. We blacklist our own contracts so that you cannot send them tokens by mistake. TrustToken also reserves the right to blacklist accounts that violate the TrueCoin Terms of Use.

Registered contracts

By contacting us, you can register a contract to receive a callback when it receives tokens.


We reduce the amount of gas you pay by refunding gas during your transfer.

TrueUSD.sol, TrueGBP.sol, etc.

These are the top-level ERC20 contracts. They inherit the aforementioned functionality.


Before creating a pull request, please run the tests, the profiler, and the flattener.


Initialize the registry submodule in the root directory.

git submodule init && git submodule update


npm install
npm test # runs ./


To run the profiler and update GasProfile.json, run the profile script in the root directory.

npm run profile # runs ./


Run the flattener in the root directory.

npm run flatten # runs ./flatten-all


Description URL
Purchase and Redeem
Terms of Use
Etherscan: TUSD
Etherscan: TGBP
Etherscan: TAUD
Etherscan: TCAD
CoinMarketCap: TUSD


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Exchanges where TrueUSD is Traded

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