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package blockatlas
import ""
type ValidatorPage []Validator
type DelegationsPage []Delegation
type DelegationsBatchPage []DelegationResponse
type DelegationStatus string
type DelegationType string
type ValidatorMap map[string]StakeValidator
const (
DelegationStatusActive DelegationStatus = "active"
DelegationStatusPending DelegationStatus = "pending"
DelegationTypeAuto DelegationType = "auto"
DelegationTypeDelegate DelegationType = "delegate"
const ValidatorsPerPage = 100
type StakingReward struct {
Annual float64 `json:"annual"`
type StakingDetails struct {
Reward StakingReward `json:"reward"`
LockTime int `json:"locktime"`
MinimumAmount Amount `json:"minimum_amount"`
Type DelegationType `json:"type"`
type Validator struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Status bool `json:"status"`
Details StakingDetails `json:"details"`
type Delegation struct {
Delegator StakeValidator `json:"delegator"`
Value string `json:"value"`
Status DelegationStatus `json:"status"`
Metadata interface{} `json:"metadata,omitempty"`
type DelegationMetaDataPending struct {
AvailableDate uint `json:"available_date"`
type StakeValidatorInfo struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
Description string `json:"description"`
Image string `json:"image"`
Website string `json:"website"`
type StakeValidator struct {
ID string `json:"id"`
Status bool `json:"status,omitempty"`
Info StakeValidatorInfo `json:"info,omitempty"`
Details StakingDetails `json:"details,omitempty"`
type DelegationResponse struct {
Address string `json:"address"`
Coin *coin.ExternalCoin `json:"coin"`
Details StakingDetails `json:"details"`
Delegations DelegationsPage `json:"delegations,omitempty"`
Balance string `json:"balance"`
Error string `json:"error,omitempty"`
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