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Cross-platform, cross-blockchain wallet library.
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vgrichina and hewigovens Sign transactions for NEAR (#615)
* Add dummy NEAR implementation (clone Cosmos)

* Fix compilation errors

* Add `static` modifier to Cosmos functions

This avoids polluting global namespace

* Change to TWCurveED25519

* Prototype NEAR protos

* Implement NEAR signing with dummy serializer

* Try signing transaction in tests

* Made signer tests pass on empty payload

* Implement transaction serialization (only for Transfer action for now)

* Make signing work end-to-end for transfer tx

* Implement NEAR Address based on FIO address implementation

* Use BinaryCoding in NEAR Serialization

* Convert signing to static method

* Use `bytes` directly for uint128 in protos

* Add TWNEARAddress and TWNEARSigner

* Add some glue code

* Removed public key from SigningInput protocol

* Add NEAR tests in Swift

* Fix SerializationTests

* Fix compilation error related to public key removal

* Add Kotlin tests

* Fix issues reported by Codacy

* Remove unnecessary includes
Latest commit 386de18 Sep 20, 2019
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.github Add Decred fee calculation (#613) Sep 1, 2019
android Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
cmake set iOS deployment target to 11 (#481) Jun 2, 2019
codegen Remove js bindings (#590) Aug 27, 2019
docs Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
include/TrustWalletCore Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
jni/cpp Add back Android-specific random (#380) Apr 27, 2019
protobuf-plugin Generate Swift typealiases for Protobuf types (#268) Apr 5, 2019
src Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
swift Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
tests Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019
tools Remove js bindings (#590) Aug 27, 2019
trezor-crypto Add zilliqa schnorr tests (#476) Jun 4, 2019
.clang-format Add codegen-test script and fix test (#319) Apr 14, 2019
.clang-tidy Add lint script Mar 30, 2019
.codacy.yaml implement zilliqa bech32 address (#445) May 21, 2019
.codebeatignore More fix on blockchain types (#441) May 20, 2019
.gitbook.yaml Set root for GitBook May 3, 2019
.gitignore Add Terra blockchain (#448) Jun 14, 2019
.gitmodules Self-contained dependencies (#84) Mar 5, 2019
.swiftlint.yml Add swiftlint and config (#459) May 25, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Fix js tests on Linux (#575) Aug 12, 2019
Dockerfile Codegen address prefixes (#506) Jun 12, 2019
LICENSE Consistent copyright notices (#68) Mar 1, 2019 Remove not used Cosmos serialization prefix (#642) Sep 11, 2019
TrustWalletCore.podspec set iOS deployment target to 11 (#481) Jun 2, 2019 Increase trezor-crypto tests timeout, add script to run all tests (#376) Apr 26, 2019
coins.json Sign transactions for NEAR (#615) Sep 20, 2019 Static analysis fixes (#214) Mar 26, 2019

Trust Wallet Core is a cross-platform library that implements low-level cryptographic wallet functionality for all supported blockchains. Most of the code is C++ with a set of strict exported C interfaces. The library provides idiomatic interfaces for all supported languages (currently Swift for iOS and Java for Android).

iOS status Android status Linux status

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Supported Blockchains

We support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain and 40+ blockchains, you can see the full list here.


If you want to use wallet core in your project follow these instructions.


Add this dependency to build.gradle:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.trustwallet.walletcore:walletcore:0.12.1'


We currently support only CocoaPods. Add this line to your Podfile and run pod install:

pod 'TrustWalletCore'


The best way to submit feedback and report bugs is to open a GitHub issue. If you want to contribute code please see Contributing. If you want to add support for a new blockchain also see Adding Support for a New Blockchain, make sure you have read the requirements section.


Trust Wallet Core is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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