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Commits on Sep 20, 2019
  1. Sign transactions for NEAR (#615)

    vgrichina authored and hewigovens committed Sep 20, 2019
    * Add dummy NEAR implementation (clone Cosmos)
    * Fix compilation errors
    * Add `static` modifier to Cosmos functions
    This avoids polluting global namespace
    * Change to TWCurveED25519
    * Prototype NEAR protos
    * Implement NEAR signing with dummy serializer
    * Try signing transaction in tests
    * Made signer tests pass on empty payload
    * Implement transaction serialization (only for Transfer action for now)
    * Make signing work end-to-end for transfer tx
    * Implement NEAR Address based on FIO address implementation
    * Use BinaryCoding in NEAR Serialization
    * Convert signing to static method
    * Use `bytes` directly for uint128 in protos
    * Add TWNEARAddress and TWNEARSigner
    * Add some glue code
    * Removed public key from SigningInput protocol
    * Add NEAR tests in Swift
    * Fix SerializationTests
    * Fix compilation error related to public key removal
    * Add Kotlin tests
    * Fix issues reported by Codacy
    * Remove unnecessary includes
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