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akinmail and dpereskokov Iotex rpc support (#119)
* Add support for IoTeX RPC #80

* Add support for IoTeX RPC #80

* Add support for IoTeX RPC #80
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config create jest setup config file (#51) Aug 12, 2019
packages Iotex rpc support (#119) Sep 12, 2019
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Build Status

This repository is a monorepo including the trust wallet developers components and tools. Each public sub-package is independently published to NPM.

Typescript/JavaScript Packages

Package Version Description
@trustwallet/walletconnect npm version Trust Wallet extension for WalletConnect with aditional methods to support multi-chain dApps.
@trustwallet/ui npm version UI components and assets.
@trustwallet/eslint-config npm version ESLint configuration for all packages in the monorepo
@trustwallet/provider npm version Trust Provider wrapper
@trustwallet/rpc npm version Trust RPC clients
@trustwallet/types npm version Typescript types used throughout the monorepo
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