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This repository is a development copy of my homepage (, which can be used as a template.

这里是 的开发版本,也可以用来作为制作页面的模版。

Text contents are mainly located at index.html. To replace the texts and the picture (amphineko.png), can be easily done by editing this file.

大部分的文本内容储存在 index.html 中,修改这个文件即可更改页面的主图片和文本。

For furthermore modification, including color settings and layouts, check index.scss and stylesheets/*.scss. Don't forget to run webpack to rebuild SASS files and reflect your modification.

若要进行更进一步的修改(如配色方案与页面布局),请编辑 index.scssstylesheets/*.scss。完事了别忘记 webpack 一下来重新编译 SASS 使更改生效。


To build this repository, run these following commands.


npm install .
npm run build

You may check your NODE_ENV before executing npm install . to ensure devDependencies are installed.

运行 npm install . 前,你也许应该检查一下 NODE_ENV 来确保 devDependencies 被正确安装。

install might be pretty hard for Windows users who have poor connections to GitHub (for some well-known reasons), while npm is trying to fetch node-sass-binaries on GitHub.

直接访问 GitHub 有困难的 Windows 用户在 install 时,可能会遇到获取 GitHub 上的 node-sass-binaries 导致的问题。

npm set sass_binary_site
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