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The content of this website is based on the research paper "Preferences for truth-telling" (published version and ungated version) by Johannes Abeler, Daniele Nosenzo and Collin Raymond.

Johannes Abeler:

Daniele Nosenzo:

Collin Raymond:


All data on this website is made available under the CC-BY license. This means that you can reuse it as long as you credit us. Please link back to this page ( and include the following citation:


Abeler, J., Nosenzo, D. & Raymond, C. (2019) Preferences for Truth-telling, Econometrica 87 (4), 1115–1153


The source code for this website is in our github repository.

The Stata code for the meta study and the static graphs in the research paper is here.

The entire data set of the meta study (in csv forms) is here.

The R/Shiny code for the interactive graphs on this website is available here.

If you want to use the static graphs in a presentation or publication, high-resolution pictures are included in this sample PowerPoint presentation.

You can imbed the interactive graphs into your website by using the following direct links:

Figure 1 (Average report and effect of incentives):

Figure 2 (Distribution of reports):

Figure 3 (Men vs. women):

Figure 4 (Country):

Figure 5 (Repetition):

Figure 6 (Individual-level analysis):


Johannes Abeler thanks the ESRC for financial support under grant ES/K001558/1. Daniele Nosenzo thanks the University of Nottingham for for financial support.

We thank Martin Hadley for programming the interactive graphs.

We thank Steffen Altmann, Steve Burks, Gary Charness, Vince Crawford, Martin Dufwenberg, Armin Falk, Urs Fischbacher, Simon Gächter, Philipp Gerlach, Tobias Gesche, David Gill, Uri Gneezy, Andreas Grunewald, David Huffman, Navin Kartik, Michael Kosfeld, Erin Krupka, Dmitry Lubensky, Daniel Martin, Takeshi Murooka, Simone Quercia, Heiner Schuhmacher, Klaus Schmidt, Jonathan Schulz, Daniel Seidman, Joel Sobel, Marie Claire Villeval and Joachim Winter for helpful discussions. Many valuable comments were also received from numerous seminar and conference participants.

We are very grateful to all authors who kindly shared their data for the meta study: Yuval Arbel, Alessandro Bucciol, Christopher Bryan, Julie Chytilová, Sophie Clot, Doru Cojoc, Julian Conrads, Daniel Effron, Anne Foerster, Toke Fosgaard, Leander Heldring, Simon Gächter, Holger Gerhardt, Andreas Glöckner, Joshua Greene, Benni Hilbig, David Hugh-Jones, Ting Jiang, Elina Khachatryan, Martina Kroher, Alan Lewis, Michel Marechal, Gerd Muehlheusser, Nathan Nunn, David Pascual Ezama, Eyal Pe'er, Marco Piovesan, Matteo Ploner, Wojtek Przepiorka, Heiko Rauhut, Tobias Regner, Rainer Rilke, Ismael Rodriguez-Lara, Andreas Roider, Bradley Ruffle, Anne Schielke, Jonathan Schulz, Shaul Shalvi, Jan Stoop, Bruno J. Verschuere, Berenike Waubert de Puiseau, Niklas Wallmeier, Joachim Winter and Tobias Wolbring.

Last but not least, we thank Sunham Kim, Felix Klimm, Jeff Kong, Ines Lee, Felix Samy Soliman, David Sturrock, Kelly Twombly and James Wisson who provided outstanding research assistance.

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