Idiomatic Go bindings for libusb-1.0
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The gousb package is an attempt at wrapping the libusb library into a Go-like binding.

Supported platforms include:

  • linux
  • darwin
  • openbsd (no hotplug)

Windows support is unconfirmed, but should work via cgo and libusb-win32.



You must first install libusb-1.0. On Darwin/OS X only brew install libusb is tested.

Example: lsusb

The gousb project provides a simple but useful example: lsusb. This binary will list the USB devices connected to your system and various interesting tidbits about them, their configurations, endpoints, etc. To install it, run the following command:

go get -v


If you installed the lsusb example, both libraries below are already installed.

Installing the primary gousb package is really easy:

go get -v

There is also a usbid package that will not be installed by default by this command, but which provides useful information including the human-readable vendor and product codes for detected hardware. It's not installed by default and not linked into the usb package by default because it adds ~400kb to the resulting binary. If you want both, they can be installed thus:

go get -v{,id}


The documentation can be viewed via local godoc or via Gary Burd's excellent