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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Very loosely based on
# rewrirren by
my $version = "4.02";
my $verdate = "2014-02-07";
my $u1 = "\nsa-heatu Spam Assassin - Heuristic Email Address Tracker Utility v".$version." (".$verdate.") \n".
" Written by Dennis G. German (c) 2010 <DGermansa\> \n".
" Modifications by Ivo Truxa (c) 2014 <truxa\> \n";
my $u2 = " usage: sa-heatu [options...] [dbfile] [timestamps] \n".
" Otions: \n".
" --quiet no output \n".
" --showUpdates displays extended summary \n".
" --verbose print every entry (may be huge!) \n".
" --verboseHits NN print only entries with more than given hits \n".
" --DONTupdateTimestamps as written \n".
" --noTimestamps no timestamps processing is done \n".
" --expireOlderThan NNN expires entries older than NNN days. Default 730 \n".
" --prune N remove all ham addresses with a only N hits \n".
" --remove xxx\@yyy.zz remove addresses (partial matches, regex!) \n".
" --noRemoveAbove NN.N don't expire/remove/prune entries with score > NN.N (Default 0) \n".
" --noRename let the original files intact, create *.out copies instead \n".
" --changelog display version history and exit \n".
" -v, --version display version number and exit \n".
" -h, --help showing this information \n\n".
" dbfile by default 'auto-whitelist' in the current directory \n".
" timestamps by default 'timestamps' in the current directory \n\n".
" Use command 'export COLUMNS=nnn' before running sa-heatu to adjust the email column width \n";
my $changelog =
" 4.02 [Ivo Truxa] 02/07/2014 More cosmetic adjustments \n".
" - progress bar now enabled in verbose mode too (the dots won't disturb much when \n".
" output displayed on the screen, and are wanted when output redirected to a file) \n".
" - added deletion of the temporary 'out' files, hadnling with O_CREAT wasn't OK \n".
" - handling of a corrupted timestamps database with blank entries \n".
" - added option --verboseHits for displaying only entries with certain minimum of his. \n".
" - fixed --noRemoveAbove - did not accept the numeric value \n".
" 4.01 [Ivo Truxa] 02/07/2014 More options and cosmetic adjustments for the new v4.xx \n".
" - --noRemoveAbove made relevant for expiry too. By default only old ham will be expired \n".
" some people may want to keep old occasional spammers in the database for longer time \n".
" with the --noRemoveAbove switch they can run two cronjobs with different settings \n".
" for expiring ham and spam, or even for several different levels of ham/spam \n".
" - added renaming of files; originals are kept with the extension .bak \n".
" (avoiding the necessity to do it manually or in a separate script) \n".
" - added parameter --noRename suppressing the file renaming (renaming enabled by default) \n".
" - number format for the counts of entries increase to 12 digits \n".
" 4.00 [Ivo Truxa] 02/06/2014 Moderate rework of v3.04 \n".
" - fixed db opening (failed with a fatal error on FreeBSD, because of missing R/W flags) \n".
" - exact match changed to partial match or a regex, for email removal \n".
" - fixed division by zero \n".
" - fixed unassigned count errors \n".
" - reading from the current directory instead the home dir, by default \n".
" - default expiry set to 730 days (2 years) \n".
" - added more detailed help on the command line \n".
" - printing dots to STDERR while processing (progress bar) \n".
" - removed option --firstTime - checking if timestamps file exists instead \n".
" - reintroduced --prune but by default for ham (only!) addresses with given max number of recorded emails \n".
" - messages not intended for the log or file redirection are printed to the STDERR now \n".
" - moved message 'export COLUMNS=nnn...' to the help \n".
" - removed footing (was cluttering logs) \n".
" - some extra opening messages added (i.e. prune value) \n".
" - rehashed, slightly more structuralized logics of record processing \n".
" - diverse cosmetic adjustments \n".
" - added parameter --neverRemoveAbove to avoid deleting known spammers \n".
" - added parameter --changelog for displaying this version history \n".
" 3.xx [Dennis G. German]\n".
" 3.04 add NL between u1 and u2 \n".
" 3.03 fix DONT display time for new entries when \$twas == 0 \n".
" 3.02 correct -noTimestamps spelling was noTimesamps second t missing AND disptime =\"\" if noTimestamps \n".
" 3.01 in -> out to clean up deletes. prune makes no sense, removed. Display timestamps \n".
" 3.00 add timestamps file \n".
" 3.01 don't show day o week or seconds since it it sa-heatu runtime, reduce size of timestamp by keeping it in minutes \n".
" simple: copy autowhite-list entries to output, \n".
" while updating a timestamp file by taking count from auto-whitelist and incuding a timestamp to new entries \n".
" meanwhile skipping old entries (effectively deleting them), \n".
" removing a specific entry and \n".
" displaying the total score, average, count, email, IP, firstSeen \n".
" all the other code is deciding what to display \n".
" autowhite-list is opened RDWR to minimize attempts by spamd to update while we are running. (not the best) \n".
" after sa-heatu completes: \n".
" mv auto-whitelist auto-whitelist-1 \n".
" mv auto-whitelisto auto-whitelist \n".
" mv timestamps timestamps-1 \n".
" mv timestampso timestamps \n".
sub usage { print $u1,"\n",$u2; exit 0;}
use strict;
use Fcntl;
use Getopt::Long; #
use English; # get descriptive names for built-in variables
$OUTPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR ="\n"; # print (not printf !)
my $false=0; my $true=1;
my ($db, $ts, $dbo, $tso, %h, %t, %ho, %to, @k, $k, @tk, $tk, $tkey, $tcount, $twas);
my ($key, $email, $ip, $totscore, $count);
my ($width, $fmt, $disptime, $reason, $prt, $prtu, $skipf, $tstamp, $lastUpdate, $oldest);
my $numc=0; my $remc=0; my $tnewc=0; my $updatedc=0; my $expiredc=0; my $wouldbe=""; my $malformedc=0;
my $entrieso=0;
use vars qw($opt_min $opt_help $opt_showUpdates $opt_verbose $opt_verboseHits $opt_remove $opt_quiet $opt_prune $opt_NoTimes $opt_NoUTimes $opt_XOT $opt_firstTimes $opt_version $opt_maxScore $opt_changelog $opt_noRename);
'help' => \$opt_help,
'showUpdates' => \$opt_showUpdates,
'verbose' => \$opt_verbose,
'verboseHits=i' => \$opt_verboseHits,
'noTimestamps' => \$opt_NoTimes,
'DONTupdatetimestamps'=> \$opt_NoUTimes,
'expireOlderThan=i' => \$opt_XOT, # can't --remove and --expire
'firstTimes' => \$opt_firstTimes, # not needed anymore, but kept
'remove=s' => \$opt_remove, # can't --remove and --expire
'prune=i' => \$opt_prune, # deprecated, just ignore
'quiet' => \$opt_quiet,
'v' => \$opt_version,
'version' => \$opt_version,
'changelog' => \$opt_changelog,
'noRename' => \$opt_noRename,
'noRemoveAbove=f' => \$opt_maxScore
) or usage();
$opt_help and usage();
$opt_verbose ||= 0;
$opt_verboseHits ||= 0;
$opt_NoTimes ||= 0;
$opt_NoUTimes ||= 0;
$opt_XOT ||= 730;
$opt_firstTimes ||= 0;
$opt_prune ||= 0;
$opt_remove ||= "";
$opt_showUpdates ||= 0;
$opt_version ||= 0;
$opt_maxScore ||= 0;
$opt_noRename ||= 0;
if ($opt_version) {print "sa-heatu v".$version." (".$verdate.")\n"; exit 0;}
BEGIN { @AnyDBM_File::ISA = qw(DB_File GDBM_File NDBM_File SDBM_File); }
use AnyDBM_File ;
if(!$opt_quiet) {
print STDERR $u1;
if ($opt_changelog) {print $changelog; exit 0;}
if ($opt_NoUTimes) {print " No updating of times will be done ";}
if ($opt_NoTimes) {print " No timestamp processing will be performed ";}
if ($opt_prune) {printf " Ham addresses with max %i received messages will be removed \n", $opt_prune;}
if (defined $ENV{COLUMNS}) {$width= ($ENV{COLUMNS}-66).""; } else {$width=40;}
if ($#ARGV == -1) {$db = "auto-whitelist"; } else {$db = $ARGV[0];} $dbo = $db.".out";
if ($#ARGV != 1) {$ts = "timestamps"; } else {$ts = $ARGV[1];} $tso = $ts.".out";
tie %h, "AnyDBM_File",$db, O_RDWR, 0600 or die "Cannot open \"$db\" $!\n"; # use O_RDWR to keep spamd away
if (!$opt_quiet) {print STDERR " Reading $db ";}
unlink $dbo, $tso; # need to delete, O_CREAT alone can't be used, and with O_RDWR .default) it does not delete
tie %ho,"AnyDBM_File",$dbo or die "Cannot create \"$dbo\" $!\n";
if (!$opt_quiet) {print STDERR " Writing $dbo ";}
$opt_remove = lc($opt_remove); # If he specified mixed case change uppercase -> lower
if ($opt_remove ne "" && !$opt_quiet) {print STDERR "Attemptimng removal of: \"$opt_remove\" ";}
if (!$opt_NoTimes) {
if (-e $ts) {
tie %t, "AnyDBM_File",$ts, O_RDONLY, 0600 or die "Cannot open: \"$ts\" $! \n";
if (!$opt_quiet)
{print STDERR " Reading $ts ";}
} else {$opt_firstTimes = $true;}
tie %to, "AnyDBM_File",$tso or die "Cannot create:\"$tso\" $! \n";
if (!$opt_quiet) {print STDERR " Writing $tso ";}
if (!$opt_firstTimes) {
@tk = grep(!/00-lastupdate$/,keys(%t));
$lastUpdate = $t{"00-lastupdate"};
if (defined $lastUpdate && !$opt_quiet)
{print " Timestamps last updated:". localtime($lastUpdate);}
else {die " !! lastupdate key \"00-lastupdate\" is missing!! Did you mean to use --firstTimes ? \n\n";}
$opt_XOT = time - $opt_XOT*24*3600; # days to minutes, to seconds prior to now
if ($opt_XOT > 0) {$fmt=localtime($opt_XOT); printf " Expiring entries with score above %.2f not seen since $fmt", $opt_maxScore;}
} # not first time
} # !NoTimes i.e. timestamps active
@k = grep(!/totscore$/,keys(%h)); # make an array of keys excluding the totscore keys
# generate the formatting specs, vary the width of the email shown based on how wide the display is
$fmt = "\n %7.1f %9.1f %3d %-" . $width . "s %7s; %12s ";
if (!$opt_quiet){
print STDERR " Processing database: \n".
" Each dot represents 10,000 entries processed \n".
" Each full line represents half a million of entries ";
printf STDERR "%s"," "; # avoiding the linefeed here
if ($opt_verbose || $opt_verboseHits) {print "\n average total count ";}
for $key (@k) {
$numc ++;
$reason = "";
$skipf = $false;
$totscore = $h{"$key|totscore"}; if (!defined $totscore) {$malformedc++; next;}
$prtu = $false; # candidate for print updates?
$count = $h{$key} || 1; # avoid division by zero (yes, there are entries with 0 count)
$tcount = $count; # use count from awl for new or unchanged entries
($email = $key) =~ s/\|.*//; # clear |ip=nnn.nnn from key
($ip = $key) =~ s/.*\|ip=//; # clear email@dom.tld|ip= from key, leaving nnn.nnn
if (!$opt_quiet) { # using printf, print appends a newline by default
if (!($numc%10000)) {printf STDERR "%s", '.'}; # progress bar dots
if (!($numc%500000)){printf STDERR "\n%s", ' '}; # new progress bar line
if ($totscore<=$opt_maxScore && $email =~ m/$opt_remove/i) {$remc++; $reason="remvd,"; $prtu=$true; $skipf=$true;}
elsif ($totscore<=$opt_maxScore && $count<=$opt_prune) {$remc++; $reason="prune,"; $prtu=$true; $skipf=$true;}
elsif ($opt_NoTimes) {;} # do nothing anymore
elsif ($opt_firstTimes) {$tnewc++; $twas=0; $tstamp=time; $reason="";}
elsif (!defined $t{$key}) {$tnewc++; $twas=0; $tstamp=time; $reason="new, "; $prtu=$true;}
else {
($twas = $t{$key}) =~ s/,.*//; # clear, and count leaving time
($tcount = $t{$key}) =~ s/.*,//; # clear beginning of time entry leaving tcount
if (($tcount||0) < $count) {$updatedc++; $tstamp=time; $reason="updtd,"; $prtu=$true; $tcount=$count;}
elsif ($totscore<=$opt_maxScore && $twas<$opt_XOT) {$expiredc++; $reason="exprd,"; $prtu=$true; $skipf=$true;}
else {$tstamp=$twas;$reason="kept, ";}
if ($count && ($opt_verbose || ($opt_verboseHits && $count>$opt_verboseHits) || ($opt_showUpdates && $prtu))) {
printf $fmt, $totscore/$count, $totscore,$count, $email, $ip, $reason;
if (!$opt_NoTimes && (($twas||0)!=0))
{printf "%s", ((localtime $twas) =~ s/... //r =~ s/:.. / /r);} # don't include d-o-w, and drop seconds as that implies precision
if (!$skipf) {
$ho{$key} = $h{$key} ;
$ho{"$key|totscore"} = $h{"$key|totscore"}; # how ugly is this key!
if (!$opt_NoTimes) {$to{$key} = ($opt_NoUTimes)? $t{key} : $tstamp.",".$tcount;}
} # !skip
} # end for key next
if (!$opt_quiet) {print STDERR "\n";} # new line separation
untie %h; untie %ho;
untie %t; untie %to;
if ($opt_NoUTimes){$wouldbe=" would be";}
if (!$opt_quiet ){
printf "\n\n%12d entries removed. \n", $remc;
printf "%12d entries". $wouldbe." expired. \n", $expiredc;
printf "%12d timestamps". $wouldbe." added. \n", $tnewc;
printf "%12d timestamps". $wouldbe." updated. \n", $updatedc;
if ($malformedc)
{printf "%12d missing \"totscore\" \n", $malformedc; }
printf "\n%12d entries input. \n", $numc;
printf "%12d entries output = input - expired - removed. \n\n", $entrieso;
if (!$opt_noRename) {
rename $db, $db.".bak" or die "Cannot rename file ".$db. " to ".$db.".bak \n";
rename $dbo, $db or die "Cannot rename file ".$dbo." to ".$db." \n";
rename $ts, $ts.".bak" or die "Cannot rename file ".$ts. " to ".$ts.".bak \n";
rename $tso, $ts or die "Cannot rename file ".$tso." to ".$ts." \n";
if (!$opt_quiet) {print "auto-whitelist, timestamps updated, and originals backed up.";}
exit 0 ;
# I would appreciate notification if you distribute or modify this program
# of if you have ideas on how to improve it.
# License:
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# Copyright (C) 2010 Dennis G German <>
# cd ~/.spamassassin
# tar -vcf sa-heatu.3.xx.tar sa-heatu sa-heatu.readme sa-heatu.html 64c.hexdump style.css COPYING
# mv sa-heatu.*.tar ~/www/mail