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#TVIP Masternode Setup Guide ( For Windows QT Wallet )



1. Prepare Trivecoin-qt wallet

  • Download the latest trivecoin-qt wallet from
  • Unzip the folder
  • Fire up the trivecoin-qt wallet
  • Wait until sync complete
  • Open the Debug console, from the main menu, select Tools > Debug console

2. Get masternode private key

  • Execute command masternode genkey in Debug console
  • Mark down your masternode private key

3. Get masternode address

  • Execute command getaccountaddress mymasternode in Debug console
  • Mark down the masternode address

4. Deposit

  • Send 1000 TRVC to the masternode address
  • Wait for 6 confirmations
  • Note: Make sure the "Substract fee from amount" is unchecked
  • Note: Send exactly 1000 TRVC, any other amount is not recognized

5. Get the transaction details

  • Execute command masternode outputs in Debug console
  • You will receive an array of valid transaction pairs of "transaction id" : "sequence"
  • Mark down the transaction id and sequence

6. Edit masternode configuration file

  • From the main menu, select Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File
  • Add a line as shown by the example, replace with your details retrieved from Step 2 & 5
mn1 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0


Name Masternode IP Address Port Masternode private key Transaction ID Transaction Sequence
mn1 9999 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0
  • Save and close the file

7. Edit Trivecoin daemon configuration file

  • From the main menu, select Tools > Open Wallet Configuration File
  • Replace the XXXXX:
    • masternodeprivkey : key from Step 2
    • externalip : Your server public IP
  • Save and close the file

8. Enable the masternode tab

  • From the main menu, select Settings > Options > Wallet
  • Check Show Masternodes Tab, click OK
  • Close Trivecoin-qt wallet

9. Start masternode

  • Start Trivecoin-qt wallet
  • Go to Masternodes Tab
  • Click Start all
  • Note: The status will be PRE_ENABLED, after few minutes, you will see the status change to ENABLED

That's it!

Congratulations in setting up your first masternode! Feel free to discuss in if you need further assistance