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how do airplane go???
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As the Crow Flies

behold! a mostly-finished coding challenge from a company I won't name but that you can probably figure out with detective work!

now featuring React because I wanted some practice with React


"Create a web app that calculates the distance (in nautical miles) between two airports. The app should auto- complete the airports and should feature all airports in the U.S. only. Bonus: plot the trip on Google maps."

how to run it

  1. have npm installed
  2. $ npm install to install dependencies
  3. $ npm run dev to start webpack-dev-server
  4. navigate to localhost:8080 in you browser of choice


  • accessibility!!! oops
  • better focus/tab-ing behavior
  • test on an actual mobile device to see if the suggestions mess with the keyboard
  • actual autocomplete (rather than manually clicking the thing you want) (???)
  • learn what a nautical mile is

stretch goals

  • "smart" ordering of autocomplete matches somehow
    • e.g. if you type in "New York", JFK and LGA should probably be the first matches
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