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📺 Curated list of awesome, high-quality, mostly educational YouTube channels
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Awesome YouTube

Curated list of awesome, high-quality, mostly educational YouTube channels


Give short, yet specific definitions of each channel; please try and avoid repeating the same descriptions over and over.


To the extent possible under law, all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work have been waived by the creator.


These are categories for channels that regard (in order): art and other general creative endeavors (excluding music); DIY, home-improvement, and crafts; general educational topics and themes; education or commentary regarding engineering; education or commentary on mathematics; education or commentary regarding philosophy and "big questions"; education or commentary regarding computer science, software engineering, and IT; education or commentary regarding hard sciences; education or commentary regarding the modern world of technology; any great channels that fall outside any of these categories.

content tags

These content tags are for channels that contain (in order): explicit language or themes; politicized or politically centric content; heavy corporate involvement for funding (outside of sponsorships).


  • YABHC → Yet Another Brady Haran Channel: Brady Haran is a content creator that spreads has an insane work ethic and keeps regular content going on a ton of channels at once, used to refer to this.
  • "nerd" culture → the culture built up on the internet over sci-fi and fantasy that tends towards the mainstream of content.

🎨 Art

  • Peter Draws super-chill guy that makes doodles.
  • Peter McKinnon is a photographer and cinematorgrapher that makes intersting and educational content about cameras and art.


  • EvanAndKatelyn create some really nice and comfy content as they go about fixing up their house and making art to fill it with.
  • kipkay has a large back-catalog of different projects people can make and use.

💸 Economics

🍎 Education

  • 🤬🎪🏢 Vox is a fantastic channel that covers a breadth of topics and brings a ridiculously high production quality with every video.
  • 🤬 Captain Disillusion is a criminally under-rated channel that analyses video editing trickery and has been doing so for years with some insane production quality for their monthly video release schedule.
  • 🤬 Nerd City may turn some away with some of their more drama/comedy focused content but they also do some really interesting analysis of popular trends in their Try Hards series.
  • Mustard produces really good videos on transportation history (mostly planes).
  • Tom Scott makes all kinds of super-duper interesting videos about things and places all over the world, usually on-site.
  • 🏢 Great Big Story another ridiculously well produced channel that covers stories about people, things, and places all over the world.
  • NativLang makes fantastic videos about this history of language and some of the quirks human language has endured over time.
  • Ahoy creates beautiful, pretty much full-length documentaries about the history of games, game studios, and gaming technology. Oh, and they also have a really good series on iconic weapons and their real-life history as well as how they've been used in video games.
  • Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell has some truly beautiful, well-researched videos.
  • 🤬 LEMMiNO has some actually well made top-ten lists and interesting explorartory videos.
  • Half as Interesting tongue-and-cheek spin off of Wendover Productions for shooter-form, slightly less interesting videos.
  • CGP Grey makes history lessons and videos on civic efficiency.
  • 🤬 austinmcconell makes videos about lots of different things while focusing on films and popular "nerd" culture.
  • 🤬🎪🏢 VICE great educational videos on pretty much every topic imageinable with continued high video production quality.

🔧 Engineering

  • Ben Eater is not only a very talented engineer, as showcased in him building an 8-bit computer from scratch, but is also very adept at explaining the complexities behind what he does.
  • Wiliam Osman makes some remarkably stupid but (sometimes) effective things.
  • Real Engineering good explanations and if interesting modern technology and feats of engineering.

🧮 Math

  • Numberphile YABHC about numbers and interviewing some pretty cool mathetmaticians.
  • Singingbanana talks about different concepts in math in a realy exciting and understandable fashion.

🎵 Music

  • melodysheep is an amazing artist that creates some entertainment based music (e.g. Game of Thrones remixes), but also creates absolutely stunning scientific and philosophical music.
  • 12tone analyses music, both contemporary and classical, while drawing out his narrations on pages of staffs.
  • 8-bit Music Theory makes well-narrated videos that analyze videogame music through history.
  • Adam Neely is a bassist that does everything music, looking at music from different cultures, talking about rhythms, and teaching music theory.
  • Andrew Huang creates music from a countless number of genres, but experiments a lot with new music technology and electronic music.
  • Boyinaband collaborates with other youtubers to create music and does musical challenges on his own.
  • Sean Hogan uses different sounds to create music in interesting and cool ways.
  • Sideways analyses music, talks about current film/television scores connect to classical scores, and delves into a more general aspect of music theory.

⚖ Philosophy

  • 🤬 exurb1a produces some really funny but interesting takes on philosophical questions.

💻 Programming

  • Tom Wildenhain is another insanely talented creator behind such marvelous works as a Turing Machine in MS Powerpoint and the ever so beautiful WordTeX.
  • Computerphile is YABHC that has talks from some of the juggernauts of the computer science world.
  • Hopson does a bunch of programming projects and records them.
  • suckerpinch is a channel run by tom7 who creates some videos that are equally hyper-intelligent and hyper-stupid (e.g. making a 3-bit FPU using INF and NaN).
  • bisqwit creates videos that show his thought process while coding things, usually using C or C++ and interacting with graphics.
  • Carykh creates humorous animated videos describing how he uses artificial intelligence to do a lot of different and unusual things.
  • Code Parade does deep technological explanations of different experiments he does with coding.
  • LiveOverflow creates videos about different exploits, CTFs, and general InfoSec knowledge.
  • 🤬 Luke Smith teaches bash scripting and Linux system configuration, sometimes while ranting about how bloaty and slow things have gotten these days.

🧪 Science

  • Veritasium creates some really insightful videos on a really wide range of science topics.
  • Cody'sLab does a wide range of things including overly dangerous experiments and explanations of chemical reactions used in major industries.
  • Vsauce is a giant of the science and education spheres of YouTube who makes wildly tangencial but continually interesting videos on pretty much anything that seems to cross Michael's mind.
  • TierZoo presents biology interestingly: under the guise of the game Outside, analyzing animals by their matchups, meta standings, and skill trees.
  • SciShow Space self-explanatory name.
  • minutephysics super-quick and effective explanations of confusing physics.
  • Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who creates fun little gizmos and gadgets and then makes videos about how they work and the scientific principles behind them.
  • MinuteEarth talks about concepts of nature and the world in short, animated videos.

⚡ Technology

  • N-O-D-E has (semi) regular news shows and also designs open-source hardware.
  • Techmoan is a british youtuber who looks at current and retro technology and focuses on how people have stored and played music over the ages.
  • Marques Brownlee makes high quality, clean, and informative tech review videos on the latest producst, as well as his series about retro tech.

📦 Miscellaneous

  • Objectivity YABHC about looking over things in the archives of the Royal Society in England.
  • 🤬 Alt Shift X produces pop-culture analysis stuff that's real nice.
  • Pasta Grannies is a channel where the host travels around Italy and documents the recipes of different old ladies' pastas in a nice and endearing way.
  • Summoning Salt makes documentaries about videogame world records over history.
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